Designer bathrooms

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  • A designer bathroom would be a dream come true for many of us when we start to renovate a house. But kitting out a new bathroom in luxurious designer fittings can be expensive.

    However, if you have the know-how, it’s easy to create an expensive-looking designer bathroom on a budget. Our experts have clever tricks to help you get a high end look without the high cost, from how to work opulent patterns into your bathroom, to the fabrics and textures that will make the right impact.

    Designer bathrooms are a glamorous and exciting option and even just a hint of lavish style can completely overhaul your bathroom. Make smart choices, such as hanging a few smaller mirrors in a display rather than choosing just one larger looking glass at a higher cost. This will still have the same effect and give your bathroom a plush look.

    Another effective way to give your bathroom a designer makeover is to think outside the box and place unusual furniture pieces in your bathroom. A bedroom or living room cabinet or shelving unit will add personality to your functional bathroom and create a chic new style that’s completely unique.

    If you love the look of lavishly tiled bathroom walls, recreate the look on your floor instead – there’s much less surface to cover, keeping the cost to a minimum. Twin sinks are another look that scream extravagance, but choosing basic basins and vamping them up with stylish taps will achieve the right look, without breaking the bank.

    If you’re after a stylish look for less, don’t miss these beautiful but cheap bathrooms.

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