Green bathroom ideas to invigorate your space

Adopt a serene colour scheme to rejuvenate your bathroom decor

Finding your perfect green bathroom idea is all about the shade you love and makes you happy. Think about whether there is natural light available and how the light changes throughout the day before making your choice.

Think about the mood you want to create with a green bathroom colour scheme – calm and relaxed or vibrant and energised? And the style of course – contemporary, classic or traditional?

‘Shades of green are back in demand in interiors.’ Says Kamila Chalfin, Brand Manager at Tile Giant. ‘Green is known to promote renewal, balance, refreshment and peace. It can create a calming influence and reduce stress, so it’s ideal for a bathroom.

Green bathroom ideas

Green was hugely popular in 2021 and looks set to continue into 2022, and it’s a great colour for bathrooms. Similar to blue and in the same colour family but a bit less obvious for a bathroom. Green is the colour that most reminds us of nature and is considered the most restful hue – making it ideal for rejuvenating spaces, such as bathrooms.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your green bathroom idea.

1. Welcome tropical green wallpaper

bathroom with green leaves designed wallpaper and wash basin

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Georgia Burns)

People worry about using bathroom wallpaper ideas but there is no reason it can’t be used, in the right circumstances. If the room is large and has good ventilation, it will be fine but to be extra safe, choose a vinyl wallpaper that is durable, washable and is a good choice for areas of high humidity.

Alternatively you could use decorators varnish over your chosen wallpaper. This leaf design is a lovely choice for a bathroom, giving a jungle retreat feel.

2. Paint the panelling

white and grey wall designed mirror on wall and wooden sideboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles)

Create interest in a plain bathroom with wall panelling up to dado height, then paint it in a subtle pale sage colour. You could even add a narrow shelf on top of the panelling for accessories or picture frames as they have here. The ornate gilt mirror adds a vintage, luxurious look.

3. Choose deep green tones

bathroom with green diamond designed wall mirror on wall and shower cabin

(Image credit: Popham Design)

Covering the walls in the shower area with deep forest green tiles in a leaf shape adds a naturalistic, undulating look. Teamed with forest green and white chevron tiles on the basin wall gives a nod to Art Deco style - a stunning bathroom idea

4. Surround yourself with spa-like marble green

bathroom with green marble wall and bathtub

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

Be bold with your bathroom tile ideas for an immersive feeling. Deep emerald green is a cocooning shade, so is a wonderful colour for a bathroom that is mainly used in the evening. It’s a dramatic shade, particularly when it’s a natural stone like this marble with the distinctive veining and shading in the stone. A black basin and stand adds to the drama with brass fittings for a luxurious touch.

Buy now: Emerale marble tile, £82.94 m2, Topps Tiles

5. Introduce a contrasting colour pop

bathroom with blue rectangular tile wall round mirror brown wash basin and wooden rack

(Image credit: @thistimeincolour; Concrete basin from Kast Kast)

These rectangular tiles have been laid vertically to give the illusion of height in this bathroom under the eaves. There is plenty of daylight from the skylight, so the room can take a deeper colour, but use white grout to lift the scheme and to give the tiles definition.

The paint colour on the walls has been matched, as has the small pendant light. Then the wall-hung basin is a pop of colour which sits perfectly on the jade green tiles.

6. Dip into perfect peppermint

bathroom with mint colour tile wall bathtub window and wash basin

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles)

Such a pretty shade, these mint coloured Metro tiles have been used on all the walls making it easier to look after and keep clean. A large mirror makes the room look bigger than it is and a full length window brings in lots of natural light, the perfect bathroom for mornings. A wood effect cabinet and shelf adds warmth and contrast.

7. Paint the bath

bathroom with red bric and blue wall bathtub window and wash basin

(Image credit: Future PLC)

To make a statement in the bathroom with green without overwhelming the walls, why not paint the bath? This wonderful shade of sage is a serene colour and is restful to the eye. Teaming with soft aqua and blues tones helps to create a wonderfully tonal scheme without it feeling too 'green'.

The exposed brick wall and touches of woodwork help to add to the natural appeal of using earthy green tones.

8. Define the shape

bathroom with cream and olive colour wall bathtub washbasin and stone flooring

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Painting one wall in an olive shade – a big trend this year – really accentuates the shape of this bathroom in a loft. There is plenty of height and light, so the bathroom feels spacious. The green wall really brings out the colour of the grey stone floor too.

9. All over colour

bathroom with green rectangular tile wall black wash basin rectangular mirror and lamps

(Image credit: Stone & Ceramic Warehouse)

Really brighten up your mornings with this rejuvenating apple green shade. These rectangular tiles come in plain and with a dot effect so mix them up for an interesting finish. They also have a rippled surface for texture and interest.

Buy now: Salerno Apple tiles, £49.33 m2, Stone & Ceramic Warehouse

10. Create a green focal point

bathroom with white and grey wall window with leaves designed curtain and wash basin

(Image credit: Blinds2go)

A simple way to dip your toe into green is by introducing accents through window treatments and accessories. You could introduce forest green into a plain bathroom with a striking patterned blind such as this one by designer Emma Bridgewater, and bring nature in. Team it with wooden shelves, a wooden mirror and a vintage-style stool for a country-look

Buy now: Emma Bridgewater Choices Figs Green roller blind, £124.84 for 120cm x 120 cm, Blinds2go

Is green a good colour for a bathroom?

‘Green sits comfortably in any interior scheme because of its relationship with the natural environment and our longing to bring the outdoors inside’ explains Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene.

‘We feel soothed by green and its neutral base – it is neither too warm, nor too cool and works beautifully paired with other greens, as we see regularly in the gardens and greenery that surrounds us. It can help to create a cocooning feel and sense of escapism.'

What colour goes with green in a bathroom?

 ‘For a calm, sophisticated neutral to work in a green scheme, we tend to recommend warm, soft whites with either slight yellow or red undertones.’  Says Anna Hill, Director of paint company, Fenwick & Tilbrook. ‘Our most popular warm white is Oyster which, teamed with a green is gorgeous!'

'For a more playful room scheme, pairing green with pink can be either soft and subtle (sage greens with plaster warm pinks) or really bold fresh and fun depending on whether you choose muted, paler tones or full-on saturated paint colours.  Our personal favourite pairing is mid-tone olive 'Natterjack' used with plaster pink 'Vintage Peony'.’

What colours go with dark green in a bathroom?

‘Lovers of dark green are typically down to earth and are in touch with nature’ says Victoria Yardley, founder of Victory Colours. ‘Dark greens work beautifully in a bathroom and it’s easy to create a stunning, tranquil space perfect for a bit of ‘me time’.

'Dark green works wonderfully with whites and blush pink combinations, to create a clean and refreshing space. In turn all greens work well with warm coppers and golden fixtures for an opulent feel. Or add crisp white tiles and wood details, to create a natural zen bathroom to calm the senses. Make sure to add plenty of green foliage too to finish the look.'

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