Statement bathrooms – how to ring the changes

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  • Keen to make a splash with your bathroom scheme? Consider these ways to introduce a talking point

    Bathrooms are utilitarian spaces, but there’s no reason why they can’t benefit from a decorative twist. Whether you opt for a bold geometric, a pop of vibrant colour or stand-out units, there are plenty of ways to pep up this hardworking room.

    Opt for the unexpected

    Simple, white fixtures and fittings are timeless, but consider making an impact when it comes to surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, windows and counter tops. High quality bathroom furniture adds a luxurious effect, but it is the background elements that really underpin the feel of the space and allow experimentation with colour, texture and pattern. Even small, neutral schemes will benefit from a decorative surprise. This bathroom uses a monochrome wallpaper with a relaxed graphic to great effect, with a simple glass splashback so that nothing detracts from the main event.

    Be bold

    Try making a statement by opting for unusual sanitaryware. The key is to choose a completely plain background like this one if you are making a statement with fittings and fixtures. Here the focus is entirely on the twin basins with their black and white print, while a canary yellow glass splashback draws the eye. The rest of the scheme is white. Remember that a key aspect to a successful bathroom scheme is storage – plenty of concealed options will allow more space for colour and texture to shine, so incorporate recessed mirror cupboards, sleek units with drawers or a generous freestanding piece to eliminate clutter.

    Introduce classic elements

    Add one striking element to make more of an impact such as a bold floral or toile wallpaper. Here traditional tongue-and-groove is given a modern twist with a soft grey paint colour, while a softly reflective large-scale floral wallpaper makes an impact. The look works perfectly with a classic rolltop and simple wooden flooring.

    On the tiles

    ‘Bathroom tiles are relatively easy and inexpensive to update so they’re the perfect way to introduce a welcome splash of colour or an eye-catching finish, preventing a scheme from looking stark,’ advises Caroline Gow, Tile Category Manager at Fired Earth. ‘A decorative floor combined with white wall tiles is a fantastic solution if you like the idea of using pattern but you also want to enjoy the soothing sensation of a neutral, restful space.’ Alternatively, go for broke with a striking look like this teal tile and wallpaper combination. The secret is to ensure there’s a note of cohesion. Here the wallpaper pattern echoes the honeycomb tiles below in shape and colour. A contrasting marble floor switches up the look.

    Try a three dimensional effect

    Adding a statement mural to an otherwise pared-back scheme is a great effect, whether you introduce the look through a wallpaper panel, tiling or even a waterproof wall sticker. A bold floor choice like this patterned tile will anchor an otherwise plain scheme. If space is limited, accessories such as large, ornate mirrors can look good in an otherwise streamlined setting, while ambient lighting, such as a pair of textured glass wall lights will make an instant statement.

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