This is how you can easily replicate the colourful grouting trend - and for less than £4!

Giving your tiles a new lease of life has never been easier

Pink-tiled bathroom with plants
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You may have noticed your social media feeds filling up with coloured grouting of all shades lately - influencers are loving everything from sunny yellow and vibrant orange to grass green or contrasting black in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Jumping on this trend might seem like a lot of effort, learning how to grout tiles being just part of the challenge. So we wondered how we could recreate this fun look with very little effort. That’s when we came across the grout pen. 

For just £3.90 you can hack your way to the coloured grout home decor trend. But is using a marker the perfect hack or an inevitable flop? We asked interior experts for advice.

White-tiled kitchen with an orange fridge and tea towel

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‘Whether you’re looking to make vibrant tiles pop, or a subtle way to add a bright and fun twist to your neutral tiles, the colourful grout trend could be the perfect option for you,’ says Chris Dance, Showroom Manager at bathroom and kitchen company InHouse Inspired Room Design

‘Changing the shade of your grout can have a surprisingly significant impact on the appearance of a room. It’s a great option for those who are looking to shake up their home design without making any major changes.’

‘Even the simplest white tiles can be changed into something glamorous,’ agrees Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at bathroom brand BC Designs. ‘A trend that we’re seeing has real momentum is the use of a plain white tile - often brick or metro shape – with a dark grout. Instantly, it provides a chic finish.’ 

Tiled bathroom with a mirror and a sink

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But don’t pick your new grout on a whim. This is a process that should be given a lot of consideration according to the pros. ‘Choosing the wrong colour can actually have a terrible effect on the space, from both design and practical perspectives,’ says Warren Kinloch, bathroom interiors expert at Bathroom Deal.

‘It’s great to see the creativity, however, I would caution those interested in trying coloured grout on the downsides. Unfortunately, coloured grout can have a tendency to discolour over time, so it’s more important to keep the grout clean,' notes Warren. 'If you’re happy to commit to the extra maintenance of coloured grout, I say go for it.' The takeaway? Know how to clean grout well.

Pink-tiled bathroom with plants

(Image credit: BC Designs)

The recent focus on tile grouting has given rise to many new grouting ideas and with that a supposedly easy-to-use quick-fix tool also known as a grout pen, with the Rainbow Chalk grout pens being the most popular, even among our experts. 

‘There are some great products on the market to help give your existing grout a facelift,’ says Warren. ‘The brand Rainbow Chalk has some great grout pens available in loads of colours. Just be careful that, with whatever grout pen you purchase, you make sure the applicator is the appropriate size for your grout. If it’s too big, you’ll find yourself in a mess!’

White-tiled bathroom with contrasting grout

(Image credit: Future PLC)

‘Grout pens are a brilliant invention for touch-ups and giving existing grout an extra refresh that it may need, however I wouldn’t advise using these instead of traditional grouting,' adds Warren.

'If you’re looking for an affordable fix, or you’re renting and need to do simple touch-ups, grout pens can be a great solution, but they’re not as long-lasting or durable as traditional grout so be prepared to have to maintain them if you’re using them for your whole bathroom.'

‘While they are relatively easy to use, you should be careful when using one as it can stain the tile if it leaks or if your hand slips,’ agrees Chris.

The bottom line is that grout pens are perfect for refreshing and touching up your grout. But perhaps they won't be completely replacing traditional grout anytime soon.

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