Presenter Alice Beer's simple trick for staying warm in bed that we're all forgetting

If you're struggling to sleep, maybe your duvet isn't the problem after all...

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Struggling to stay warm in bed? The answer could like in what layers are underneath your bottom sheet says presenter and consumer journalist, Alice Beer.

Switching out your duvet for one with a heavier tog or adding an extra blanket seems like a pretty foolproof method to staying warm at night. But what if we told you that the simple night-time trick you're forgetting is layering underneath? Whether you opt for the best mattress topper or use an extra cosy blanket you have lying around, the solution is simple.

In an Ideal Home exclusive interview with Alice Beer, in partnership with Silentnight, she shares the value of using a mattress topper to stay extra toasty in bed during the cold, winter months.

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The warmth value of mattress toppers

While the whole nation has frantically been trying to save energy at home amidst cost of living concerns, finding the balance of warmth for when you sleep is difficult. Nobody wants to go to bed shivering, but cranking up the thermostat isn't the most economical option. So, what do we do?

'The old theory was that you should be layered underneath,' says Alice Beer. 'Layers underneath your bed are as important as layers on top of your bed. So yes, you should have a good duvet and a nice heavy cover on top of that, but underneath that, if you've got a cosy mattress topper, that's gonna feel warm as well.'

neutral coloured bedroom with white duvet set on bed

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Sally Bonser, spokesperson for Silentnight agrees, supporting Alice's claim by stating that 'a mattress topper can make the world of a difference when it comes to sleep quality, and they can also really help you to keep warm and toasty for less in the colder months.'

Alice even goes on to say that you don't need a dedicated mattress topper, simply adding any layer between your mattress and sheets is a surefire way to stay warm this winter.

However, with mattress toppers being offered at affordable prices right now thanks to some great Black Friday deals, it's a good time to invest. One of our favourites is the Aldi fleece mattress topper, affordably priced at £20, alongside the Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper available at Argos and Amazon, also around the £20 price point.

So remember, this winter you should be layering up below and on top for a cosy night's sleep. 

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