10 Bedroom picture wall ideas to add personality to your sleep space

Layer, group and contrast your favourite images to create a look that is uniquely you

Orange bedroom with wooden bed
(Image credit: Future PLC)

Our bedrooms are the perfect space to experiment with what’s on the walls – they are personal spaces, where we can be a little braver than in other more sociable rooms, such as the living room. Bedroom picture walls allow you to play with bedroom ideas to create a space that says, ‘me’ – whether you display snaps of your family, places you’ve visited (or dream of visiting), or souvenirs from a hobby or pastime. 

‘Gallery walls are one of my favourite features in a bedroom, as you can inject your personality and utilise a collection of prints or family photos,’ says Bethan Harwood, Home Design Stylist at John Lewis. 

Think carefully about which wall you turn into a feature; decorating above the bed might seem the obvious choice, creating wow as you walk into the space, but you won’t be able to appreciate your bedroom picture wall when sitting in bed. 

Bedroom picture wall ideas

When planning bedroom wall art ideas and picture walls the world is your oyster. There are lots of things you can hang – from photographs to even collections of accessories, such as pretty bags. 

1. Make it fun

White girls bedroom with pink dresser and gallery wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

This picture wall in a girl’s bedroom is a real feast for the eyes and imagination. It’s been allowed to visually grow from a central point – the painted frame print, which is in the same colour as the chest of drawers. 

Mix box frames, mini crates and wall hangings to create a similar picture wall, while simple mini bulldog clips hung from panel pins allow postcards to be easily changed. 

Hang paper decorations or bunting above the collection to visually frame the scene.

2. Rotate pictures a photo gallery frame

Pink and grey bedroom with black photo frame

(Image credit: Future PLC / Colin Poole)

Like the idea of a gallery wall, but can never commit to your favourite photographs? Look for a frame that makes it easy to show off those snaps you love, with pre-sized apertures that you can just slot the photos into, making it easy to change around. 

Think about the colour of your frames too, black makes much more of a statement than white. 

3. Build up a theme

White and grey guest bedroom with eight prints above bed

(Image credit: Future PLC / Colin Poole)

Match your cushions to your artwork for a designed look that shows you’ve thought about every detail of your new-look bedroom. In this guest bedroom idea shells provide the theme, with cushions in various finishes – from printed linen to more elaborate beads, are echoed in the bedroom picture wall above the bedroom sofa. 

Keep frames evenly spaced, choosing a finish that adds a highlight to the scheme – like brushed chrome or pewter. 

4. Go above your dressing table

Blue bedroom with white dressing table and framed prints

(Image credit: Future PLC / Colin Poole)

Group a collection of prints on the wall above your dressing table, it's a smart bedroom accent wall idea as it's where you’ll get to appreciate them as you get ready. You could also add a few motivational or inspirational quotes to get you set for the day ahead.

Choose a dark shade of paint to make your picture wall pop – white frames and prints will really stand out against such an intense blue.

5. Surround your sleep space with special memories

White bedroom with map on wall and black bed

(Image credit: Future PLC / James French)

Think about what’s on the wall space next to your bed – it’s often the last thing we see before sleep. Display a map of a special place, a treasured poem, or photographs of loved ones. In a narrow alcove, use a floating shelf or picture ledge, allowing you to easily change what’s on your bedroom picture wall easily. 

Use a picture ledge above your bed – they are shallow enough so as not to bump your head on yet allow you to create a fluid display for your favourite photos.

6. Be dramatic with black

Navy bedroom with white ceiling and twin beds

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Choose frames and mounts the same colour as your bedroom feature wall ideas –black looks so impactive in this twin guest bedroom. Choose a gold highlight edge for your mount, drawing the eye to the print inside. 

Hanging pictures above twin beds? Try this trick – three will make the space less symmetrical.

7. Go for two by two

Bedroom picture wall in cream bedroom

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Create a bedroom picture wall using a series of four prints from the same collection. This look is all about symmetry, so start by marking a cross on the wall with masking tape, dividing it into four quarters, and then place a print in each.

Use a picture gallery to balance a large piece of furniture by hanging above its height – the temptation would have been to line up the top of the pictures with the wardrobe, but see how going higher makes the wardrobe appear less dominating.

8. Make your gallery part of your paint effect

Orange bedroom with wooden bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

A gallery picture wall and bedroom paint ideas can be designed to complement each other, like the ombre paint effect given to this bright bedroom, which covers the picture ledges too. 

Each ledge has been given a hero print, with smaller frames and ceramics placed around this. Stagger the height of your picture ledges, allowing you to place taller prints in the gaps. 

9. Mix and match mediums

Blue wall with prints and plates hung together

(Image credit: Future PLC)

A picture wall doesn’t need to be just pictures. We love how framed art, canvases, mirrors, and even decorative plates are curated together on this bedroom wall. Look for colours that are the same in each, like the blue/grey tones that are in each piece, while red provides a punchy accent in a few of the pieces. 

When arranging a mixed picture wall, start with the largest piece, then use the same gap between each piece or ‘set’ – it’s random yet still ordered.

10. Set the mood for sleep

Navy bedroom with white prints above bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Choose a calm picture wall gallery above your bed. Simple black-and-white art, prints or slogans look beautiful when mounted on white and framed with black. With a loose theme, it’s easy to build up your collection from different artists and printmakers.

Hang frames both landscape and portrait and remember that stylist’s tip of odd numbers working better than even numbers.

What are the best pictures for a bedroom?

For a bedroom picture gallery, try choosing something that has a special meaning – whether photographs, destination prints, wall hangings or framed slogans. You can be a little more personal in your bedroom, displaying those precious moments from your life.

However, if you need a little more direction ‘try a theme and colour scheme that matches your room decor,’ says Desenio’s executive creative director, Annica Wallin. ‘Look around your room and draw inspiration from the colours, features, and decorative elements.’ 

How do I choose the right frame?

Creating a successful bedroom gallery wall isn’t just about the art or photographs you choose to display the frames are just as key. 

‘A white frame will allow the art to stand out whereas, a black frame will create contrast, especially with any lighter prints,’ says Annica. ‘If you are going for a classic look, it is best to keep all the frames the same; changing the style and colour of the frames creates more of an eclectic look.’

Where should you hang pictures on a bedroom wall? 

The obvious place for a picture wall in a bedroom is behind the headboard but bear in mind that you can’t see this when in bed. Try the wall opposite your bed, or even to one side – it can be the calming influence before you drift off to sleep – or the motivation needed to get up in the morning – depending on the artwork or photographs you choose.

Jennifer Morgan

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