Decorating experts swear by these 3 rules for a clutter-free bedside table

The decluttering season is among us, and first stop? The bedroom

Burnt orange bedding in bedroom
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Bedside tables are a pretty standard decorating practice in many a bedroom, acting as a key bedroom storage idea – but how many of us can honestly say that ours are in tip-top shape and clutter-free?

If you're anything like me, even the best bedside table has likely turned into the dumping ground for unnecessary bits and bobs, having accumulated a handful of items that we swear 'we will need in the future' (spoiler alert, you won't reach for it).

If you're in need of a dire pre-Spring clean, the experts share their top tips for curating the ideal bedside table setup so you can streamline your bedtime routine and unwind blissfully.

Burnt orange bedding in bedroom

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How to declutter a bedside table – 3 rules experts swear by

'Making sure your bedside table is clutter-free is essential for a restful night's sleep because the quantity of clutter you have can have a big impact on how well you sleep,' explains Rhiannon Johns, interior designer and head of brand at Piglet in Bed.

'Making sure that everything is off your side table and considering whether or not it is truly necessary is the best way to start your spring clean.'

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1. Remove everything from the cluttered area

It sounds straightforward, but it's true.

To start decluttering, Lee Trethewey, home furniture expert at Sustainable Furniture advises first removing everything from the cluttered area, both on top and inside any drawers. 'This makes it easier to see what you have and gives you a blank canvas when it comes to putting things back. From here, you can decipher if anything can be thrown away.'

We know decluttering and tidying can be tough, especially if you tend to hoard, but Marie Kondo has since made us rethink how we declutter by only keeping things that spark joy.

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2. Store items in order of how often they are used

If you have multiple drawers in your bedside table, store items in order of frequency. 'For example, you could place your bedtime reading book in the top drawer as you read it every night, but bed socks in the bottom drawer as you only use them on occasion,' says Lee Trethewey at Sustainable Furniture.

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3. Keep your essentials close

What's a complete bedside table idea if it isn't decked out with the essentials? Whether it's a glass or a bottle of water, a clock, a table lamp, a journal, photos of your loved ones, or your best scented candle, keep these within arm's reach.

Rhiannon Johns at Piglet in Bed even advises laying out any other bits on a ceramic tray. Your everyday jewellery, hand cream, lip balm, whatever you need. I keep my earphones, glasses, and rings on my own ceramic tray on my bedside table.

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As a rule of thumb, the most important thing to ask yourself when decluttering is: 'Do I need this at night or in the morning?' If the answer is no, move it elsewhere.

And voila, a fresh bedside table ahead of the typical Spring declutter. And if you're itching to keep tidying after the fact and touch base with all parts of the home, the Ideal Home team share more decluttering tips they swear by.

Will you be getting started on your bedroom Spring declutter ahead of the season?

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