If you want a cooler night’s sleep, this is the perfect duvet tog for summer according to sleep experts

The expert-recommended summer duvet tog to invest in for a better night's sleep

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As the weather gets warmer many of us are likely to find ourselves kicking off the covers in the middle of the night in an attempt to cool down, which is usually a sign we need to swap to one of the best duvets for summer.

But what is the ideal duvet tog for summer? Duvet tog measures the level of warmth a duvet can offer, with duvets generally ranging from one tog at the coolest end of the scale to 15 tog at the cosiest end of the spectrum.

If you're wondering what duvet tog to buy then a rating of between 10 and 13.5 is usually best for most of us during winter. But what tog summer duvet will suit most people? We asked a range of sleep experts for their advice.

Good temperature regulation is a key factor in getting a good night's sleep. If your body can maintain its ideal temperature all through the night then your sleep is likely to be less disturbed, and you have more chance of waking up in the morning feeling refreshed.

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As Sally Bonser, sleep expert at Silentnight says, 'one of the most common sleep disturbances during the summer is overheating'. In fact, a recent study conducted by Woolroom with Mortar Research concluded that one in five Brits named fluctuations in temperature as the main cause of their disrupted sleep.

That's why getting the right tog duvet can make a big difference to your sleep quality. So what is the best tog duvet for summer?

The best summer duvet tog

Greg Potter PhD , Health Coach & Sleep Specialist on behalf of bedding brand The Fine Bedding Company, says 'Tog ratings usually start from 4.5 for lighter, summer duvets, so if you overheat under the sheets, try a duvet with a tog rating less than 5 to help you keep cool'.

James Montgomery-Castle, Junior Buyer for sleep retailer Soak & Sleep agrees, advising us to 'look out for a low summer tog, anything 4.5 tog or below is a great option for warmer nights'.

A large bed with a yellow gingham duvet and pillowcases and a circular wood bedside table holding a lamp

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Karen Innes, New Product Innovation Manager at duvet manufacturer Slumberdown offers another vote in favour of the 4.5 tog summer duvet, saying that a tog of 4.5 or lower 'will keep you insulated without overheating'.

Chris Tattersall, Sleep Expert and MD of sleep brand Woolroom, suggests you might want to consider an even lower summer tog duvet if you sleep warm. In his opinion, 'the best summer duvet tog is typically around 2.5 to 4.5, as it provides the ideal balance of lightness and comfort for warmer nights'.

Chris also reminds us that not all duvet fills have tog ratings. For instance, as he explains, 'wool duvets don’t use this measurement scale, as when it comes to insulation, applying a single duvet tog rating is counterproductive'. That's because wool does such a good job of regulating temperature. He says 'no matter how warm or cool you are, wool duvets will work to maintain your temperature and keep you sleeping for longer'.

Jessica Hanley, Founder and CEO of bedding specialists Piglet in Bed, agrees. She says that 'whilst wool duvets are not tog-rated, for the purpose of comparison lighterweight versions are equivalent to 4-6 tog'.

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Finally, Tandy Avery, VP of Product Development for bed and bath linen retailer LUXHOME, reminds us that the best duvet tog for summer isn't necessarily one-size-fits-all. She cautions that there isn't one summer duvet tog that's best for all sleepers, as the best summer tog for you is going to depend 'on your bedroom temperature as well as your personal preference'.

Our summer duvet recommendations

As Ideal Home's Sleep Editor, I've tested multiple duvets for our best duvet guide, and I'd agree with the experts. I think a 4.5 tog duvet is a great summer option.

You can choose whether you prefer to buy a separate low tog summer duvet and a warmer higher tog winter duvet, or whether you opt for an all-season duvet that gives you three options – a low tog duvet for summer, a mid-weight duvet for spring and summer, and the possibility of combining both duvets for a warmer winter option.

I've rounded up three of my top summer duvet recommendations below.

Swapping your winter duvet out for a lighter-weight summer option can also be a good time to give your heavier duvet a spring clean – especially as warmer weather means you should be able to air dry it outside. See our guide to how to wash a duvet for some top tips.

You might also want to consider the best way to store your winter duvet. If so, we pinned down the experts to see if storing a duvet in a vacuum storage bag is a good idea or not.

And, if you're wondering when the right time to switch to a summer duvet is, then those in the know advise you might want to make the change when the nighttime temperatures begin to rise to the over 15°C mark.

However, some of us are hotter sleepers than others, so if you're beginning to find that you're waking up in the night too warm for comfort, then it might well be time to source the right duvet tog for summer a little earlier.

Amy Lockwood
Sleep Editor


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