9 ways to make your home smell heaven scent

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  • How to give your space a gorgeous fragrance hit

    We’re so concerned about perfecting the look of our space that sometimes we don’t give much thought to how it actually smells. But fragrance has the power to instantly lift a mood or kill it in a flash and once you think of scent as a must-have accessory for your home, you’ll be hooked trying out different combinations. So whether you need a quick fix or something that lingers, here are 9 ways to make sure your home always smells heaven scent.

    1 Open the doors and windows!

    Sure, it’s obvious, but how many of us do it on a daily basis? Stale air is a health and mood zapper and by opening your doors for just a few minutes, especially on a flower-filled garden, you’ll get an instant, and totally free, air refresh.

    2 Go wild about herbs

    While fresh herbs such as basil and mint give off a lovely aroma in the kitchen, try planting a herb box overflowing with marjoram, lemon balm and rosemary right by your back door, so that you’ll get an olfactory hit the moment you step outside. Also, guests will know they’re in for culinary a treat if you do the same on your porch.

    3 Smell it with flowers


    planting jasmine and lavender down the garden path to pansies by the front door, flowers never fail to raise the spirits. Inside, think artfully arranged bunches of roses, magnolia and lily of the valley, which not only look gorgeous, but smell divine. Don’t undo all your hard work by forgetting to change the water daily, though – rotten flower water not only smells


    but is a health hazard too.

    4 Chop up a few lemons and limes

    For a quick and easy fresh smell, you can’t beat citrus. Slice a few lemons, limes and oranges and leave them out on the chopping board whenever you feel your space needs a zesty hit.

    5 Buy quality scented candles

    While organic beeswax scented candles are a fixture in modern-day living rooms, lighting a potent high-end fragrance in an unexpected place like a hall immediately ups the welcoming factor – and masks the smell of cheesy shoes… And a few dotted around a bathroom will give even the plainest spaces a bit of sparkle. If you have guests over, opt for fresh citrus scents, which have universal appeal.

    6 Take things up a notch

    Take the lead from high-end boutique hotels and invest in a bespoke scent service. British outfit ScentAir has a huge range of delicious fragrances delivered either by a Scent Wave cartridge or Scent Direct device, complete with motion sensors and timers. And with perfumes ranging from Rosemary Foccacia and Hot Apple Pie to Baby Powder and our favourite


    Fig Blend, it’s easy to find a scent unique to your home.

    7 Splash out on essential oils

    You don’t need an oil burner to benefit from essential oils. Simply add a few drops of relaxing lavender to a bowl of hot water for the ultimate chill-out atmosphere. Ditto warming vanilla or mandarin. These are the kind of smells that say home sweet home.

    8 Make like Grandma

    Boil up a pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange or lemon zest on the stove for a subtly warming scent. And if you need to get rid of a particularly

    challenging cooking smell – say, Fido’s boiled bone broth or Puss’s fishy surprise – put a bowl of white vinegar on the kitchen counter and those unwanted odours will soon vanish.

    9 Cook up a storm

    If none of the above grabs you, there’s always cake! Freshly baked Victoria sponge or crunchy ginger biscuits, paired with a delicately fragrant cup of Earl Grey, will waft through your space beckoning noses to follow. That’s one sensory sensation we’d definitely want to savour.

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