Dining room curtain ideas to add colour and elegance to your space

These stunning dining room curtain ideas show you the most effective ways to introduce stylish window treatments
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  • These smart dining room curtain ideas should convince you that it’s worth hanging some, no matter how pretty your glazing is.

    Curiously, people often leave their dining room windows bare, especially if the room is at the back of the house and opens on to the garden.

    However, there is no doubt that curtains and window treatments can be the crowning glory of any room, helping to bring together all the elements of your space.

    Dining Room Curtain Ideas

    Investing in beautiful bespoke curtains can be pricey, but on balance will certainly be worthwhile. Not only will they be the perfect fit, they wear well and add a touch of luxury and comfort to your dining room idea, lifting the whole room.

    Alternatively, why not turn your hand to making curtains yourself? It’s not as difficult as you think. Or you can opt for ready-made curtains that reflect the latest seasonal colours and prints. They’re a much more economical solution, allowing a more regular change of window treatments.

    1. Welcome the outside in

    White dining room with leaf print curtains and a wooden dining table

    Image credit: Blinds2Go

    Use patterned dining room curtain ideas to add a touch of greenery and elude to the garden beyond. Welcoming touches of nature are ideal in a social space to create a calming environment in which to spend quality time relaxing. This simple but effective approach to design helps to enliven any neutral dining room idea.

    2. Add privacy in an overlooked dining room

    A dining room with retro furniture, a statement red pendant light and geometric print curtains

    Image credit: Thomas Sanderson

    If your dining room is at the back of the house and overlooked by neighbours, you will benefit from curtains to add a level of privacy so you don’t feel on display.

    When hosting after dark the room is more exposed by the light, meaning without curtains the room shines bright to those looking in. A simple pair of curtains provides a hit of colour or pattern during the day to enhance the decor, but once drawn they offer total privacy.

    In a small dining room hang a curtain pole that is the same colour as the wall to make it blend in seamlessly. The curtains will appear to float either side of the door or window, without the pole drawing too much attention to the space above and making the space feel more enclosed.

    3. Coordinate the kitchen and dining area

    Kitchen dining area with matching taupe curtains and blinds

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    You can have the smartest cabinetry, stunning flooring and Instagram-worthy accessories. But if you’ve got an open-plan kitchen that incorporates a dining space and the window treatments don’t match, it’s going to look a mess.

    Ideally, use different treatments depending on the space, so blinds in the kitchen and curtains next to French windows, all made from the same fabric.

    There’s no saying the fabrics have to be identical. Simply following the same colour palette is enough to coordinate the soft furnishings in the same space.

    4. Blend into the background

    A neutral dining room with wall storage and a plate rack

    Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

    If you’re unsure about the presence of dining room curtains, try a softly softly approachh by making them blend into the background.

    A good window treatment can be purely for show in certain rooms, simply there to soften the framework of windows and doors. A simple tonal approach helps to keep the social space calm and inviting.

    Consider ambient dining room lighting ideas and add pops of an accent colour through tableware and wall decor to enhance the scheme.

    5. Make a style statement with colour choices

    Dining room with colourful chairs and pendant lights

    Image credit: David Brittain

    There are many options for curtain finishes, from pencil and pinch pleats to tab top and eyelets you can determine the overall look you want for your space.

    To inject personality into your dining room decor, adding colour is a great place to start. As this example shows you can up the ante with your curtains by choosing a colour pole on which to hang your design, enhancing the look.

    Adding a decorative pelmet at the top helps to draw attention to the curtain tops, rather than allow them to blend in.

    This design approach is ideal in a bigger dining room where you can afford to make a statement, without it feeling overwhelming for the space.

    6. Match your curtains and table linens

    Country dining room with block print wallpaper and yellow curtains

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    Here’s a natty twist on colour blocking – a strong green on the walls contrasts with lemon yellow curtains and table linen. When laying a table, instead of placemats, denote your settings by laying runners across the table for a bolder look.

    7. Stay neutral to enhance window frames

    A dining room with log burner with patterned curtains

    Image credit: David Brittain

    There are advantages to going bold with your curtains (see below). But if you have frames that are beautiful in their own right, choose neutral curtains that are pretty but don’t steal too much attention.

    The leaf-print curtains in this grey dining room provide the perfect balance – they complement the painted timber frames when open, and provide a restful backdrop when closed.

    8. Draw the eye with a dark print

    A dining room with dark green pendant light and curtains and beige padded dining room chairs

    Image credit: Nick Pope

    Keen gardeners take note – if you want people to notice the fruits of your labour outside, hang curtains that will instantly draw their eye to the window.

    These curtains do just that, while coordinating accessories (the rise-and-fall light and jug on the table, for example) will give the scheme cohesion. It’s a clever way to introduce a significant amount of colour if you’d rather keep your walls neutral.

    9. Reflect life beyond the panes with a botanical print

    A decorative dining room with grey walls geometric rug yellow chairs and botanical print curtains

    Image credit: David Giles

    Botanical prints are a great way to connect your dining room with the outdoors. These are a very clever pick because they are a dark colour, yet slightly sheer, so light can still penetrate the space.

    Thanks to the versatile nature of botanical prints you can pair this choice with pretty much any dining room colour scheme, from brilliant white to on-trend shades of grey.

    10. Insulate with lined curtains

    A white dining room with a table and dusky pink curtains

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    You can add an instant layer of warmth and insulation by hanging fully-lined curtains to concealed exposed glass doors. It’s an ideal solution for dining rooms with French doors to prevent heat escaping during the colder months.

    Pair the curtains with light-filtering blinds during warmer summer months. Simply pull the heavier curtains back to frame the doors with colour when not needed.

    Velvet-look materials are hugely popular to offer a luxe appeal – ideal for a dining room. You could keep things simple with white and grey combined, or go bold by choosing a deeper shade such as burnt orange, navy or forest green. Team with darker walls in a complementary colour.

    11. Let in the light with voiles

    Coral pink dining room with textured statement sideboard

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Despite their powers of insulation, heavy curtains should be avoided if your room is especially dark. A delicate voile curtain idea, on the other hand, is ideal. It will let light through while still giving you a reasonable level of privacy. Choose curtains that are longer that the drop so that they pool elegantly on the floor.

    Do curtains look good in a dining room?

    Curtains look more than good in a dining room – they look great! They can instantly add colour and pattern to the decor, softening the harsh architectural presence of windows and doorframes. In addition to adding decoration, dining room curtain ideas can be hugely practical too, welcoming privacy for overlooked rooms to set the scene for more intimate dining occasions.

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