Easter craft ideas to fill your home with spring cheer

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  • Have fun with some egg-cellent Easter craft ideas to try over the Easter break

    Get your craft on and give your Easter decorating a personal touch this year. With our quick and easy craft projects, prettifying your home for the four-day weekend will be a breeze. they’re also a great way to keep the kids distracted over the school holidays!

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    1. Create a wow display


    Image credit: Carolyn Barber

    Make 3D paper easter egg decorations to hang from branches of spring-favourites pussy willow or cherry blossom. Cut out eight identical egg shapes from pastel-coloured card, fold each in half lengthways, and then open back out. Place them on top of each other and then staple of couple of times down the spine of the stack and fan out the sides to make a 3D egg.

    Hang from a length of pretty butchers twine or narrow ribbon.

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    2. Make a spring wreath


    Swap out your ideas of wintry wreaths for a light, spring-like design that can be hung on walls for a simple nod to the season (and simultaneously hits the mark with this year’s botanicals trend). Gather some of the season’s prettiest yellow-and-white blooms for this fresh-flower wreath. Bend a length of pre-soaked willow into a ring, and gently twist into shape – as it dries, this should hold without any extra fixings.

    Secure sprigs of rosemary along the sides and fern leaves along the base of the ring, securing with florist’s wire. Then attach the biggest of your flowers, followed by the smaller buds, binding the stems to the wreath base using florists wire. If you’re not sure which blooms to use, we chose hellebore, narcissi and star of Bethlehem.

    Cut back any long stems, and then hang in your home for a beautifully scented and fresh-looking Easter decoration.

    3. Create a spring centrepiece


    If you want to take that rustic vibe a bit further, turn your hand to making a twiggy planter that’s inspired by wild woodland floors. Gather a selection of twigs from the garden,  sort them into two groups – thinner and thicker twigs.

    Use a staple gun to attach the first layer of the thinner twigs to a slender slice of a tree log, which is slightly bigger than the diameter of a medium garden pot (be sure to measure this first). Glue a second layer of a thicker twigs around the edge, using a glue gun, and then cover the staples and glue with a band of linen, tied in place with florist’s wire.

    Plant some flowering bulbs inside the planter itself and place into the twiggy planter cover for a sunny-looking rustic floral hallway display.

    4. Get arty


    Image credit: Simon Scarboro

    Add an Easter touch to your wall or shelf with a super-cute Easter bunny framed piece of DIY artwork. Cut a piece of coloured card and white card to fit in your picture frame, then cover the piece of white card with parallel strips of washi tape.

    Draw a bunny outline on the blue card and cut out using a craft knife, then pop the blue card and then the tape-covered card into the frame.

    5. Give treat jars a fun twist


    Image credit: Carolyn Barber

    These bunny and lamb jar toppers will have kids (and grown ups!) hopping with delight. Wash out old jars, and use a hot-glue gun or other strong adhesive to glue a mini plastic animal to the centre of each jar lid. Once dry, give them a spritz with pastel spray-paint, applying a second coat if needed.

    And don’t forget to fill the jars with chocolate eggs and sweet treats to avoid disappointed faces!

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    6. Stack ‘em up


    Give your Easter table the perfect finishing touch with a centerpiece that’s got plenty of rustic charm. Turn the dome of a large glass bell jar upside down and fill it with raffia and speckled egg decorations in pastel hues. Place the base on top and the turn the right way up. Simple as that.

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    7. Pretty up with flowers


    Image credit: Sussie Bell

    These delicate eggshell vases will brighten any side table or shelf. Carefull poke a smaller hole in the top of an egg, then peel away small sections of the shell until you have made a decent-sized hole. Empty the egg yolk and white into a container to use later (omelette, anyone?), then rinse out the shell.

    Stand them in a cute egg cup, fill with water and pop in dainty spring blooms such as narcissi or campanula.

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    8. Make them a mini nest


    The birds are busy making nests, so why not join them by fashioning a cute decorative planter for flowering bulbs? Weave together spirals of grapevine garland using florists’ wire to create a nest-like shape. Place a small piece of plastic into the base of the nest to make it waterproof, and add the flowering bulbs and soil – we recommend narcissi and muscari.

    Top with a layer of moss, and it’s ready to gift.

    9. Take time for tea


    Image credit: Tim Young

    Style up an egg-quisite floral arrangement using vintage teacups and saucers in pretty pastel shades. Fill with tiny spring flowers like miniature narcissi and grape hyacinth, topped with moss. If you’re feeling green-fingered, why not plant your own bulbs and watch them grow?

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    10. Hop out on a hunt


    Image credit: Tim Young

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    Make sure your Easter egg hunt is picture-perfect with these chic treat jars. Wrap steel wire around the neck of a clean jar, and twist the ends of another length of wire around it on either side of the neck to create a loop for hanging. Tie some stylish stitched ribbon over the top to cover the wire around the neck, and then personalise with a paper tag, tied on with narrow ribbon.

    On your marks… get set… hunt!

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