7 ways to decorate with style this Halloween

Decorate with dark colours and dramatic shapes this fright night

1. Go for Gothic

If there’s one style that screams Halloween, it’s Gothic. For a frightfully fashionable banquet, opt for a dark walnut dining table with ornate details like these curvy black legs. The classic shapes on this chandelier are made modern with wire, with the oversized light bringing some serious wow-factor to the party. Then just add goblets of wine and the scene is set.

2. Serve up some drama

There’s never a better time for some shock value than 31 October, so don’t miss an opportunity to scare your guests. The colossal cloche on this dark dining table has a dagger-shaped handle, the perfect vessel to house this decorative black skull and provoke a scream or two.

3. Make a statement

Dark shades like this decadent purple bath really come into their own around All Hallow’s Eve. The accent colours in this room like the detailed black mirror and vases, as well as the electric blue display case highlight the plum tones perfectly.

4. Play with contrast

The slashes of black throughout this hallway scheme are highlighted spectacularly with this delicate lace tablecloth. Keeping the space in ordered chaos adds to the slightly spooky feel of the room – the vintage frames piled up on the walls and floor, the movement of the cloth and a single blackbird perched on the table.

5. The devil’s in the detail

The raw brick wall of this living room is a wonderful backdrop for this slightly sinister space. Modern pieces of furniture like these slick black arm chairs and cluster of lights are given a Halloween makeover with this skull patterned cushion while the eye (sockets) of this print seem to follow you around the room…

6. Go dark

If there’s one easy way to add some drama to your interior, it’s with dark colours. Juxtapose detailed black objects like this modern headboard and black side table with lighter palettes such as this grey wall, and add in rich reds and purples to emphasize the shades.

7. It’s all about the texture

The sculpted leather coating this armchair looks scarily beautiful. Add in some detailed black lace curtains across the window and wrought iron wall decorations and you’re all set for a séance.

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