Grow veggies without a garden

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  • You don’t need an allotment or even a veggie patch to grow your own produce – here’s what you can grow on even the smallest patio...

    Carrots can be tricky to grow well in the ground, but are easy in a deep pot
    – just scatter the seed as thinly and evenly as you can and squeeze in 30 to 60 plants in a 10-litre pot. Sow in March and you’ll have baby carrots in July or larger carrots in August.

    Potatoes can be grown all year round and thrive in pots. Choose a 20-litre pot for the biggest crops. Half fill the pot with soil, add some potatoes and fill with more soil, pushing potatoes in as you go. Cover with more soil once the plant tops grow. Once the tops die down, stop watering and the potatoes will stay in perfect condition until you need them.

    Sweetcorn isn’t an obvious choice but the tall plants (up to 1.5m) can make an attractive screen and the corn will be delicious. Sow three to five seeds in a 20-litre pot in May for eating in late September.

    Tomatoes grow well in pots, hanging baskets and especially grow bags. Sow seeds in April and, when the first branch appears, puncture the base of the bag for drainage and cut holes in the top. Push the seedlings in, then cover the base with soil and water. You’ll need canes to support the plants as they grow. Choose dwarf trailing variety, such as ‘Tumbler’, for early fruit.

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