Want to see 5 of the best modern lighting solutions for walls?

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    A light fitting doesn’t have to be big and bold to add wow-factor to a scheme. Just by being creative with shape, proportion, volume and materials you can instantly transform your room. The key thing to remember is that position and proportion are key.

    ‘Decorative wall lights should be considered in the same vein as lit art, creating striking focal points and significantly adding to the general ambience of a room,’ says Rebecca Weir, design director at Light IQ, 020 8749 1900. ‘The greatest error in installing statement wall lights is confirming the height of a lights on site prior to choosing the fitting and seeing where the supply is emitted. It’s a good idea to draw the elevation to scale of the space where you are placing the lights so you can visualise how they will look, as well as their proportion,’ adds Rebecca. A rough guide is to always ensure lights are attached on or just above eye level and in cases of more than one fixture, fit approximately three metres apart, although this will vary greatly according to factors like the wall length and size of fitting.

    In the round Go for a wall sconce with a difference and choose something more unusual, considering the size and shape of the fitting. These Bubble light shades by the iconic designer George Nelson, £478, 020 7896 7451, Heal’s, have a billowy, voluminous look that add depth to this neutral bedroom.

    ‘At the moment, the trend for statement wall lighting is to display a combination of old and new, mixing artisan fittings with modern metal finishes and luxurious fabric shades,’ says Christopher Wray, owner of Christopher Wray, 020 7013 0180. ‘Also, more practical designs with additional flexible reading arms are in vogue.’

    Seen above, the Ranarp Clamp light from Ikea. A great, inexpensive utility style design.

    Seen above, the Linea Sconce from Baker Furniture. Sleek, high end good looks with pleasingly symmetrical lamps that would be chic above a console table.

    Lillianna wall lamp from John Lewis – a smart option, great for for dining room walls.

    Seen above, Antique Zinc wall lamp from Idyll Home. This pretty vintage style light is perfect for corridors or open plan kitchen diners.

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