Calling all Swifties! Taylor Swift's new Christmas ornaments are selling out fast – but we found 5 stunning dupes

Swifties rejoice! Taylor Swift just dropped her Christmas decoration collection and we’ve got the perfect dupes

Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour
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This Monday, the living icon that is Taylor Swift dropped a collection of Christmas decorations as part of her Eras Tour merch. So if you’re after some Taylor Swift ornaments, you better be quick before they sell out on the official site (which we predict won’t take long).

And whether you got there too late or are looking for some cheaper alternatives to Taylor’s somewhat spenny decor, we’ve got you covered with our 5 budget Christmas decoration ideas that dupe some of the best from the singer’s offering, as approved by resident Swifties.

Taylor is much loved in the Ideal Home office, counting many of the team as diehard fans. Already swooning over the Taylor Swift Christmas tree trend, now it’s onto her Christmas ornaments. 

5 dupes for Taylor Swift Christmas ornaments

Taylor Swift Christmas ornaments on a tree

(Image credit: Taylor Swift)

If this festive season is showing us anything then it’s some excellent modern Christmas decorating ideas. This shows that you can decorate with anything from a John Lewis air fryer-shaped bauble to a Fenwick decoration in Taylor Swift's image or her very own Christmas ornaments now, too.

Since launching on Monday 13th November on her online store, searches for ‘Taylor Swift ornaments’ have skyrocketed by over 1000%. And seeing some of these fun little beauties, we’re not surprised. But there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to pricing so we’ve collated some more affordable dupes.

Mirrorball ornament

The Christmas disco trend is one of the biggest of this year’s festive season. So Taylor is right on trend with her folklore Album The Mirrorball Ornament which is our Content Editor, Holly Cockburn’s favourite from the range.

‘It's my favourite song and it ties in perfectly with the Christmas disco decor we've been seeing this year. Plus, you could totally reuse it after Christmas by hanging it on a door handle or adding to a shelf.’

While most of the disco ball decorations currently on the market are silver, in keeping with the songstress’ gold colourway, we’d opt for the Anthropologie Glass Disco Ball Christmas Tree Decoration.

Typewriter ornament

‘I love the All Too Well typewriter – there’s nothing like scream-singing that song with your friends (and a glass of wine), so it deserves a spot on the tree, plus it’s not too Swifty at a glance, so you can sneak it in even if no-one else in your household is a fan,’ says Ideal Home’s Assistant Editor, Thea Babington-Stitt.

Liberty’s alternative Typewriter Glass Tree Ornament is a little bit more traditional but it’s just as charming.

Champagne ornament

Speaking of singing with a glass of wine (well, sparkling wine, really), we love the glitter-filled Champagne Problems Ornament from Taylor. But what we might love even more is the M&S version of a Glitter Glass Hanging Celebration Decoration, which even comes with the bottle attached.

Seagull ornament

‘Following the release of 1989 (Taylor's Version), this album is taking me back to 2014 all over again, and that nostalgic feeling is one that I always get when listening to Taylor's music,’ says Junior Writer, Jullia Joson. ‘Although it may not be the most festive of motifs, it's one that is sure to bring about fond memories for Swifties this holiday season.’

Indeed, the 1989 (Taylor's Version) Seagull Ornament is not the most Christmassy of decorations. But do you know what is? Sass & Belle’s Sneaky Seagull Shaped Bauble from Amazon, which still keeps the seagull motif but dresses the chip-stealing bird in a festive hat and scarf. Chips in hand, of course. It’s the British Christmas take on Taylor’s iconic seagull.

Vinyl record ornament

A more traditionally musical ornament is Taylor’s series of vinyl records of her latest album Midnights available in various colourways. While Etsy’s Vinyl bauble comes only in black, you can, however, customise the text you want written on it. Whether that’s Midnights or your own personal message. The world is your oyster!

Have a very Swiftie Christmas!

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