Turn leftover eggshells into a stunning floral Easter centrepiece with this clever budget hack

This DIY Instagrammer just inspired us how to turn leftover eggshells into a stunning flower centrepiece for Easter

An Easter tablescape
(Image credit: Melanie Lissack)

Easter is less than two weeks away, and we are starting to collect Easter-themed hacks and crafts to decorate our homes with for the occasion. And we stumbled upon a showstopping one as we were scrolling through our Instagram feed - a DIY flower centrepiece for Easter made with leftover eggshells.

What a genius Easter decorating idea! And budget-friendly at that as you don’t need much to create this floral centrepiece for an Easter lunch spread. The hack comes courtesy of Melanie Lissack, one of our favourite DIY and decorating enthusiasts, who we love to follow through her blog and Instagram page

When it comes to the perfect centrepiece for an Easter table, the current trendy go-to is an Easter tree with flowering branches placed in a vase and decorated with Easter-themed ornaments. But this DIY flower centrepiece is a serious contender.

DIY egg shell Easter centrepiece

In her Instagram caption, Melanie says that it ‘makes an affordable floral centrepiece for the Easter table’. But it’s also a sustainable one as it repurposes waste, in this case leftover eggshells which Melanie saved for a week from her husband’s breakfast, and makes it into something truly beautiful. 

‘When we think about Easter and eggs, chocolate eggs are often the first things that spring to mind,’ says Rachel Fearnley of Rachel Fearnley Designs. ‘But there are lots of things that we can do creatively with eggshells too that add a lovely touch to Easter decorations.’

An Easter tablescape

(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Alack)

What you'll need

How to make the egg shell Easter centrepiece

Rachel too recommends to ‘use the shells from eggs that have been cooked. So when having your boiled eggs for breakfast, be very careful when removing the top of the egg shell. Once you have eaten the egg, wash out the shell in warm soapy water and leave to dry thoroughly.’

Once you’ve collected enough eggshells, you can move onto the crafting. Start by painting the shells with decoupage glue and sealer like this one from Hobbycraft – if you know how to decoupage then you might already have one knocking about the house. This step preserves the eggshells and makes them less fragile.

If your eggs have those numbered stamps on their shells (as most do), then you’ll need a white marker pen or a Tipp-Ex to cover those.

A flower Easter centrepiece made from eggshells

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack)

Once dry, squeeze a tiny drop of super glue on the bottom of each shell and attach them to your wooden slice (or a similar wooden board of your choice) in a circle formation.

Then just fill each shell with water and short spring stems. And you’re pretty much done. You can also place a candle in the middle, ideally one with a fresh seasonal scent like The White Company spring candle collection. And place it in the middle of your table. We love how Melanie paired hers with a charming gingham tablecloth in sunny yellow. So fitting.

We just can’t wait for Easter and for spring now!

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