The White Company’s seasonal favourite Spring candle is back in stock – along with two beautiful newcomers

Just in time for Mother’s Day

The White Company Spring home fragrance collection
(Image credit: The White Company)

The White Company just ushered in a new season by re-releasing its limited-edition Spring home fragrance collection and two additional brand new candles which are just as springy - perfectly timed for both Mother’s Day and the first signs of the spring season, if you ask us.

Possibly the best home fragrance for spring - and perfectly named just ‘Spring’ - this customer favourite is a range of candles, diffusers and room sprays that The White Company brings back every year just in time for spring. And since its re-launch, it’s already made its way onto the best-selling list.

But along with this seasoned and beloved collection, The White Company just launched two new best scented candles that are perfect for this time of year. And we can’t get enough of their soft yet intoxicating scents. 

The White Company Spring home fragrance collection

(Image credit: The White Company)

The White Company’s Spring home fragrance range

‘I love it when the seasons change,’ says Chrissie Rucker OBE, founder of The White Company. ‘After a long winter, the arrival of spring always feels so welcome and there’s nothing like a change of scent to really embrace it. For spring, I look for anything fresh, citrusy and floral. Everything from cut grass, rose and honeysuckle, through to bergamot, orange blossom and jasmine.’

And all of the above has culminated in the beautifully refreshing fragrances of the Spring, Santa Rosa and Tuscan Grove candles, all of which are available to shop now.


The White Company Spring home fragrance collection

(Image credit: The White Company)

Just like any other home fragrance from The White Company, the Spring range too includes everything from room sprays to the best reed diffusers, all of which boast the same scent. But we are particularly keen on the candles, whether it’s the inclusion candles (which were trending over Christmas) or the signature one housed in an elegant reeded glass vessel.

The fragrance leans into the classic scent of spring florals like honeysuckle, lilac and rose, paired with the smell of freshly mowed grass that Chrissie mentioned as very spring-evoking. These babies are limited edition and already flying off the shelves so we’d say snap yours while you can.

Tuscan Grove

The White Company Tuscan Grove home fragrance collection

(Image credit: The White Company)

Tuscan Grove is an uplifting scent that approaches the idea of a fresh and citrusy home fragrance a little differently by referencing sitting under a Tuscan orange tree in its blooming stage. Hence, rather than using notes of the orange fruit, the candle (and the rest of the line) feature softer and more floral notes of orange blossom and neroli, paired with a zesty bergamot. This is a Mediterranean dream come true, bringing the feeling of warmth and sunshine to the gloomiest, rainiest of days.

Santa Rosa

Despite its name, the Santa Rosa home fragrance and candle from The White Company is not centred around the smell of rose. But rather the much sweeter tuberose, which is joined by other strong, tropical florals like jasmine and iris.

The inspiration behind this two-wick candle is based on early evenings in California at this time of year with a warm breeze carrying the floral scent in through open windows. This type of fragrance will be just as perfect for summertime and it’s bound to last you until then, too.

We wonder what else The White Company has up its sleeve for summer – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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