This Instagram hack turns £4 charity shop glassware into gorgeous mood lighting

Make your charity shop finds work ten times harder

DIY mood lighting
(Image credit: Hayley Stuart (@iamhayleystuart))

We came across this Instagram hack to create your own DIY mood lighting using old glassware, and we think it's nothing less than pure genius. If you want to easily spruce up a tired-looking space without breaking the bank or buying new, this easy DIY project will be right up your street.

Anyone who knows anything about interiors understands the impact that the right lighting choice can make on a room. Mood lighting has long been a lighting trend favoured for setting the ambience for those who hate having the big light on (us, included), and is even more fitting now that it's cosy season.

DIY mood lighting using old glassware

Hayley Stuart (@iamhayleystuart) who is a DIY and interiors influencer, took to Instagram to share her latest project: DIY mood lighting. 'I keep seeing similar retro-inspired lights around so thought I'd have a go at making my own,' she starts. In fact, this retro style Hayley speaks of is even reminiscent of IKEA's fan-favourite doughnut lamp.

'The glass vases I already had, so I popped to my local charity shop and picked up 2 glass bowls for £4.50 for both.'

Hayley begins the hack by covering the outside of the glass and then simply spray painting the inside. By doing this, you can rest assured that they'll still look and feel like glass despite being painted in funky colours – this is where this DIY mood lighting project and painting glass bottles differ slightly.

While this is generally quite a simple paint idea, if you do struggle with painting glass, Michael Rolland, managing director at The Paint Shed advises you to 'wash the glassware thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove any dirt or grease' and to prime the surface using an adhesion primer before painting.

DIY mood lighting

(Image credit: Hayley Stuart (@iamhayleystuart))

To complete this DIY mood lighting, Hayley suggests opting to fill the glassware with stick-on puck lights for a 'soft glow' or alternatively, a rechargeable light bulb for a 'brighter look'. Our top tip would be to opt for remote control lights which you can switch on and off with no faff or fuss.

Fans have been loving this sweet little DIY, with comments reading, 'This is amazing! I love an upcycle and this is one of the best.' Another fan says, 'I tried this the other day. Really effective.'

Get the look

We think this hack is perfect for those starting their upcycling journey. If you fancy trying out this clever idea, it could very well even be worth switching it up and experimenting with different varieties of glassware you're no longer using (or have scored as a charity shop bargain).

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