'So clever!' – we're swooning over this hack to get the scallop lampshade look for free

The end result is unbelievably gorgeous

Upcycled scallop lampshade
(Image credit: Vicky B (@shelley_cottage on Instagram))

It's perhaps needless to say that table lamps are now just as popular for the style they bring to a room as they are for their functionality. In the grand scheme of lighting trends, many people are more likely to be drawn towards lighting choices if they're in line with the home decor trends they've employed in their homes.

But, did you know that you don't have to buy new to get your hands on a new lampshade you're guaranteed to love? In fact, with a little DIY and upcycling, it can even be a genius way to shop your home for free and add to your budget (but equally gorgeous) decorating ideas.

DIY scallop lampshade

Instagram digital creator, Vicky (@shelley_cottage), has consistently shared her Victorian Cottage home renovation journey with over 25,000 followers. She doesn't shy away from sharing easy DIY projects, garden updates, and her much-loved vintage living room ideas – and this time is no different as she shares how she made a DIY scallop lampshade.

In the caption of the reel, she says, 'I've been wanting to replace the lampshade here for ages but couldn't find what I liked and didn't have the budget to buy a new one.'

'So I made this one for free with things I had lying around the house. The old lampshade, card, tape, and then a sample of wallpaper. Really easy and effective!'

The end result is gorgeous, and might we add, very on-trend.

She starts the reel by saying, 'I had this old lampshade that I took apart and using a piece of card, I cut out scallops and attached them to the frame.'

Vicky continues, 'I found an old wallpaper sample and used double-sided tape to attach it. Then, I trimmed and glued it to secure it. I cut out the scallop design and trimmed the top, and here she is.'

Upcycled scallop lampshade

(Image credit: Vicky B (@shelley_cottage on Instagram))

Fans in the comments are swooning and praising the gorgeous DIY scallop lampshade saying, 'This is so clever Vicky, and looks fabulous,' with another saying, 'What a fabulous upcycle! I absolutely love it.' And we agree. Upcycling for beginners has never looked so easy and effective.

We think it's safe to say that scallop is certainly having a bit of a moment right now (enter, scallop jute rugs and scallop lamps), so this DIY is truly a great, budget-friendly way to get the look for less.

Jullia Joson
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