Kimberley Walsh launches a new soothing paint colour - calling it the 'perfect sage green tone'

The singer and presenter gets candid about how her passion for DIY blossomed

Kimberley Walsh X Wickes collaboration
(Image credit: Wickes)

Kimberley Walsh's newest paint colour with Wickes has just landed in stores today, marking her second paint shade in collaboration with the home improvement retailer.

As a self-confessed homes enthusiast, the Girls Aloud singer and presenter has always pinned DIY as one of her biggest passions in life and with the launch of her new spring shade 'Subtle Sage', she hopes to continue inspiring people to try their hand at some easy DIY projects this season.

Following the success of Kimberley's last paint colour with Wickes, 'Blue Haze', the new shade 'Subtle Sage' is a tranquil hue, reminiscent of nature's greenery. We suspect this will be another hit among shoppers with its nods towards the subdued and soothing tones we've seen dominating the paint trends scene.

Kimberley Walsh X Wickes collaboration

(Image credit: Wickes)

Speaking to Ideal Home in a video call interview, Kimberley clued us up on the new release and also revealed how her passion for DIY blossomed during her childhood, sharing the journey she's been on to get to where she is now in the realm of home improvement.

Although some people dub her transition into the DIY space a 'curveball', the singer and presenter says that anybody who really knows her knows that this has long been her dream.

'Growing up in my family home, it was just my Mum, myself, two sisters and a brother and money was very tight. During that time, paying for people to do DIY was expensive and just not something my Mum could afford to do,' begins Kimberley.

'I always dreamed that we would get picked for one of those 60-minute makeover programmes where they would come and transform our house because all the things that needed doing bothered me, even as a child. It was clearly something that really mattered to me so I'd always ask, "Mum, can we do this? Can we do that?" She cared as well.'

Kimberley Walsh X Wickes collaboration

(Image credit: Wickes)

'My Mum learned a lot of DIY tips from her Dad. She's very much a woman who just gets on and does whatever needs to be done. She didn't have a lot of choice because it was only her, so we would do it together,' she continues.

'Wallpapering, painting, and tiling bathrooms together – she taught me everything that I know. But, I also think she taught me that I can do anything myself. You don't need to ask somebody else to do it. You can do it yourself.'

Yes, this means that painting a wall and fleshing out all your aspirational paint ideas is possible to do yourself – and is Kimberley's entire MO for working alongside Wickes to develop these gorgeous paint colours to refresh your living room colour scheme for less.

Kimberley Walsh X Wickes collaboration

(Image credit: Wickes)

In fact, Kimberley even believes that painting is a home renovation task not worth hiring someone for, so it only makes sense that paint colour development is now her forte.

'I worked with Wickes and we came up with what I believe is the perfect sage green tone. It's called Subtle Sage but it does have an earthy, vintage undertone to it, which is what I was looking for,' continues Kimberley.

'Obviously, there are loads of sage greens out there, but I was trying to find that perfect tone for my taste and my home, but also be mindful that it would be a great colour for people to use in their homes in a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It's totally transformed my guest bedroom.'

Subtle Sage is available to buy in stores and online at Wickes now, whilst stocks last. It's currently £10 for a 2.5L pot. However, the price will change to £15 on the 29th of May, so we suggest picking it up sooner rather than later if it has caught your eye as a soothing bedroom colour scheme for your home.

Where to buy Subtle Sage

'Every single person that I've shown it to, friends and family, have all loved it so I'm really hoping that everybody else does too,' concludes Kimberley.

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