Sara Davies unveils homemade autumn wreath – and interior design pros share why they love its 'half-done' look

The 'crafting queen' has been giving us all the inspo for our autumnal decor

an autumnal wreath made from dried flowers and gasses and tiny pumpkins
(Image credit: Future/Dan Duchars)

With the cold weather having well and truly arrived, our thoughts have naturally turned to the joys of fall decor – from spooky season ornaments, to colourful and rustic autumnal wreaths.

And speaking of autumn wreaths, businesswoman, 'queen of crafting', and dragon on BBC's Dragon's Den, Sara Davies, has been providing plenty of inspiration in that department recently.

The craft pro (and former Strictly contestant) took to Instagram this week to share that she had recently attended a wreath-making class – and according to the pros, the 'undone', minimalist style she chose is a fantastic, budget-friendly option for autumn 2023.

The 'half-done' autumnal wreath we're loving

Sharing with her 296,000 followers over on Instagram, Sara revealed that she had recently visited a flower arranging school for a wreath-making workshop, and she and her mother had been lucky enough to make their own autumn creations.

She explained: 'This time last week I took my mam and mother in law for an autumn wreath flower arranging course at the Forget Me Not Flower Arranging School in Shildon.

'I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to just switch off from everything for a couple of hours and challenge myself to do something out of my comfort zone.'

That aside though, we are kind of obsessed with the pretty wreath she created!

Sara (and the class) opted for a more minimalist wreath, that displayed the wicker wreath itself at the top, and that was full of decor – including dried orange flowers, and plenty of green foliage – at the bottom.

The overall look was reminiscent of a harvest wreath, and the array of natural autumnal colours were allowed to shine through given the very simple, yet stunning, design.

Sara's followers clearly loved the wreath too, with one writing: 'Beautiful Sara 🧡 I'm just about to sit down and make mine 🏵️'.

And they aren't the only ones; we also spoke to a couple of interior stylists who agreed that Sara's chosen-upon 'half-done' wreath is an excellent choice for this year, if you're now planning your autumnal home decor!

A naked autumn wreath

(Image credit: Etsy)

Claire Douglas, interior stylist and owner of Claire Douglas Styling, said, 'I’m a huge fan of the half wreath style, and I’m sure it will be a popular look this season, with stylish Sara leading the way.

'It’s a great way to add personality to your seasonal decor. The half wreath lends itself to a more minimal aesthetic and can look striking with a few carefully positioned statement stems. 

Jess Martin, decoration expert at Ginger Ray agreed that this style is a more modern look, and is a great choice to fit the upcoming autumn season.

'The ‘half-done’ wreath is a lovely modern take on the classic wreath that works brilliantly for the changing seasons,' she explains. 'Not only does the asymmetrical style add interest, but it offers the opportunity to add in some lovely wooden textures, which are essential to autumnal decorating.'

Not only that, but Jess and Claire also pointed out that, if you're wondering how to make an autumn wreath, this half-done style can also be a more affordable option. 'They require fewer flowers and less foliage (or fresh foliage) than a complete one,' Claire says, with Jess pointing out that you can even use dry foliage to ensure you can reuse the wreath year after year.

A simple autumn wreath with maple leaves

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Sara also seems to love her creation, finishing her post by saying, 'I was absolutely bloody thrilled with the finished result! It’s hanging on my front door now for the whole world (well, at least the neighbours!) to see and I love love love it! 💐🌺'

We couldn't agree more! If this has inspired you to get decorating, then all we have to say is happy doorscaping, everyone...


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