DUSK has launched a garden furniture range of luxury-style rattan sofas at budget-friendly prices

This is our editors’ insider secret to getting the quiet luxury garden furniture look for less

Lisbon Large Corner Garden Sofa - Natural
(Image credit: DUSK)

As of yesterday, one of our favourite bedding and furniture brands DUSK now sells garden furniture! Dusk has released its first-ever collection of garden sofa sets just in time for the start of spring.

The luxury-looking, timeless designs paired with the budget-friendly prices the brand is known for are winning us over all over again – the range might be some of the best garden furniture we’ve seen this year. And we don’t say that lightly.

Named the Lisbon collection, it’s clear this is just the beginning and we have lots more garden furniture to look forward to from DUSK in the future. But at the moment, we’re excited for the expensive-looking and stylish rattan sofa sets that come in all shapes and sizes (eight of them, to be exact) to fit any big or small garden ideas – with prices starting from £499 for a two-seater sofa and £899 for a larger set. 

Lisbon Small U-Shape Garden Sofa Set - Grey

(Image credit: DUSK)

First look at DUSK garden furniture

Available in two colourways, natural creamy grey and charcoal grey, the DUSK garden furniture collection makes for a chic yet practical garden seating idea. The water-resistant, rattan design is supported by a steel frame and comes with foam-filled, removable cushions with further removable covers in complementing yet slightly contrasting shades.

And our garden furniture expert and Ecommerce Editor, Amy Lockwood, approves. ‘I first discovered DUSK when researching the best bedding, and was surprised at the luxury-look designs the brand offered at reasonable price points. Since then the brand has moved into furniture, offering very reasonable prices on luxe-look sofas and sofa beds.’

‘The latest garden furniture range looks like more of what the brand does best, offering premium-look outdoor furniture at surprisingly low price points. The new rattan range appears to feature affordable steel construction rather than more durable aluminium frames – so it will need to be stored under cover to prolong its lifespan –  but the best garden furniture is notoriously expensive, so those lower price points will likely appeal to a lot of people.’

Lisbon Large Corner Garden Sofa - Natural

(Image credit: DUSK)

Luckily, each sofa and set comes with its own cover so you don’t have to worry about keeping your set safe. The furniture will also arrive fully assembled and equipped with clips to keep the configuration together and in place.

'When initially conceptualising our garden furniture collection, it was really important that the range felt like a natural extension of our current ranges, maintaining an accessible price point without asking customers to sacrifice style, comfort or quality,' explains Jade Crooks, commercial director at DUSK. 'The modular style design has enabled us to curate pieces that can seamlessly integrate into any outdoor space, allowing for customisation to suit individual preferences and garden layouts.'

This is how to enjoy the sunshine in your garden in style, in our opinion!

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