Planning the perfect Easter hunt

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  • All it takes is some imagination and great attention to detail...

    Lent will soon be over which can only spell one thing – choccy mania – especially for the under 12s. If you’re planning on keeping alive the rather magical tradition of the Easter Day hunt a bit of imagination and attention to detail will go a long way – making for a memorable highlight to the occasion.

    Bunny ears

    It’s unlikely that any of the adults will wish to don a giant bunny suit when hiding the chocolate round the house or garden but a pair of bunny ears to perch on each of the children’s heads seems like a fair compromise and will add to the sense of excitement.

    The all-important receptacle

    The egg-collection receptacle takes on a mighty importance as each child clings territorially to their spoils. Mother of two Caroline Smith of Flohr & Co advises, “They need to have the perfect Easter basket, that is a must. This can be handmade or brought.” Choose a basket or small bucket, line with pretty paper and decorate with ribbons, stickers and glitter.

    Point the way

    A responsible adult needs to hide the eggs around the garden allowing
    for little ones to find them a bit easier than the older ones. A little help goes a long way as Caroline explains, “Signs around the garden are always good so you direct them where to go, almost like a treasure hunt.” Adding to the intrigue, cardboard or chalkboard signs with messages “Follow me”, “To the left a bit”, “Over there” will help the kids on their way.

    It certainly doesn’t matter whether the hunt is indoors or out. Indeed in the case of unfavourable weather (or naughty canines) an indoor hunt might be slightly less chaotic.

    But if you’re looking for someone else to lay the trail check out the National Trust’s Egg Hunt Fun. With over 300 to chose from you’re sure to find one nearby.

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