We’re calling it, the garden air fryer is this summer’s outdoor must-have - and today the best-in-class Ninja Woodfire has £70 off

Ninja's Woodfire Electric BBQ makes cooking outside foolproof. Right now it's cheaper than ever

Ninja Woodfire BBQ deal
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Calling all reluctant BBQers, air fryer fanatics and outdoor cooking lovers everywhere - did you know that Ninja has a garden air fryer, and that right now it's £70 off?

If your barbecuing skills mean you often end up with more burnt sausage than cordon bleu dinners when using one of the best BBQs, then the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ & Smoker might just be the thing you've been missing. 

As we covered in our Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ and Smoker review, this piece of kit can help you cut down on the time needed to grill and roast a whole variety of foods without the need for fuel at all. 

And the best bit? Apart from the endorsement from David Beckham? It also features an air fryer, which allows you to get faster cooking results on everything from a side of chips to a cake for dessert, all done from the comfort of your back garden. Here's our look at why this world's first outdoor air fryer is set to be the buy of the summer. 


Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ & Smoker | was £349.99, now £279.00 at Ninja 

Thanks to Ninja's spring sale the Woodfire BBQ is now available with £70 off for a limited time and includes a complimentary weather-resistant cover. Purchase of this multi-functional BBQ includes a woodfire pellet starter pack including a scoop and two bags of chips to go in your burner, too.

Ninja's sell out garden air fryer 

According to the brand, the Ninja Woodfire BBQ is the bestselling electric BBQ in the UK, and already has a cult following despite only being released last year. It sold out last summer on the Ninja website, but is back this year after huge demand.

Much like the best Ninja air fryers, this is way more than just a BBQ, with seven functions packed in for your money. Those functions are grill, smoke, air fry, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate. 

The Ninja Woodfire BBQ & Smoker being tested outside at home

Testing the Ninja Woodfire BBQ & Smoker.

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On top of that, the Woodfire also features an integrated smoker box, in which you can insert pellets to create a smoky, chargrilled flavour. This, again, requires no fuel to activate, so it couldn't be easier to inject that BBQ flavour back into whatever you're cooking. 

Even better, you can use the smoker on any of the settings, meaning you can air fry something and infuse it with a BBQ flavour, as easily as cooking inside. 

The Ninja Woodfire BBQ & Smoker being tested outside at home

Our reviewer tried the air fryer setting on the Woodfire to great success.

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During our tests, our reviewer found that the air frying function on the Ninja Woodfire cut cooking time down by over a third, and she managed to fit a whole lot in the included crisper basket, all while using far less oil than usual.

Of course, you get the grilling ability of an electric BBQ and smoker too, and our reviewer found that all of the meat she cooked with this Ninja was succulent and well-cooked.

The Ninja Woodfire BBQ & Smoker being tested outside at home

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Electric BBQs are an ultra-convenient way to get cooking outside this summer without the fuss or long set-up required with other fuel types. 

Our reviewer's principal gripe with the Woodfire was that it lacked the same space that she had with other charcoal or gas grills. This is a problem solved with the launch of the new Ninja Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, which has space for up to 10 burgers, six steaks, or two whole 3kg chickens at a time. At the time of writing, it's now on sale, down from £399.99 to £349.99 on Ninja's website.

Whether you need to size up or not, if you want all of the dependability of your Ninja air fryer outside, there's only one thing to invest in for this summer.


Can a Ninja Woodfire be used indoors?

The short answer is no, it is not suitable for the indoors. The Ninja Woodfire has a 1.6 metre-long cable and must be run outside, whether that's a garden or a balcony. It's weather-resistant for year-long outdoor use, and features a special plug to prevent any shocks from contact with water.

If you love the sound of the Woodfire but lack an outdoor space, then the Ninja Sizzle, covered in our Ninja Sizzle review, is the one for you. It's an indoor griddle, allowing you to use the entire flat plate to cook up all sorts of culinary delights. 

Where can I buy pellets for the Ninja Woodfire?

Upon purchase of the Ninja Woodfire, you'll receive two sample bags of Ninja's branded pellets to get you started. After that, you'll need to repurchase the pellets for £14.99 from Ninja's website.

Can I leave my Ninja Woodfire outside?

You can leave your Ninja Woodfire outside year-round, as Ninja say it's 'built with the Great British weather in mind', which is welcome news. It is also water-resistant to rating IPX4, which means while it can't be submerged in water, it can withstand being splashed with water.

You can buy an accompanying cover for your Woodfire, of any size from the Ninja website with prices starting from £19.99, so it stays in pristine condition.

Can you cook with the lid open on the Ninja Woodfire?

If you're using the grill function on the Woodfire you can cook with the lid up just as you would when using one of the best charcoal BBQs, to expertly control airflow. if you want to air fry with it, then keep the lid down, as the convection element is in the lid of the BBQ.

We're sure that the Ninja Woodfire is the thing you need for your garden this year. All we need now is some better weather.

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