This genius patio heater looks just like a floor lamp – and will look seriously stylish in your garden

If you're put off by the looks of a patio heater this might change things

Zanussi 2100W Black Adjustable Freestanding Patio Heater in a garden with tables and chairs
(Image credit: Zanussi)

As much as we’re all hoping for plenty of hot, hazy summer evenings spent outside, in the UK, that sadly isn’t the reality a lot of the time! While many summer nights can start off hot, once the sun goes down, it can often get particularly chilly outdoors; which is it's smart to consider investing in a patio heater and Dunelm has launched a particularly stylish option.

Patio heaters are, for many of us, a no-brainer if you’re worried about being too chilly on spring or summer nights spent outside. In fact, they're one of the best outdoor heating ideas.

But if we’re being honest, so many of them look too much like a functional piece of machinery, rather than a stylish addition to our patios, gardens or balconies.

So if you’re fretting about finding a chic patio heater to suit your vibe, we've spied this stylish option at Dunelm – that actually looks more like an indoor floor lamp than a heater. 

The Zanussi 2100W Black Adjustable Freestanding Patio Heater looks almost exactly like an indoor floor lamp as opposed to an outdoor heater, with a small head in the shape of a lamp. In fact, it’s so subtle, you’ll probably forget it’s even a heater.

It helps that it also comes in a super sleek black colour, as opposed to the more industrial stainless steel that so many outdoor heaters are made in; allowing it to blend effortlessly into your surroundings.

We haven't tested the Zanussi patio heater, but it has good credentials. It provides over 1500W of heat to warm up even the chilliest evenings. It has three different heat setting – low, medium and high – to allow you to adjust the heat emitted depending on the temperature that day, or evening.

It also includes a remote control, so you don’t need to move from your comfortable seat to adjust the heat should the temperature drop any further. But if you are standing up, it’s also got helpful touch controls too for adjusting the temperature.

The Zanussi patio heater also has a rapid heat-up function, which means you shouldn't be left sitting outside chilly, waiting forever for the space to warm up.

Zanussi 2100W Black Adjustable Freestanding Patio Heater in a garden with tables and chairs

(Image credit: Zanussi)

For those that are worried about safety, the Zanussi heater also comes with a weighted base for stability, meaning there’s little risk of it toppling over even if little ones or pets are running around. However, it does need to be plugged in so you will need to be extra aware of the places you shouldn't put a patio heater!

The stylish look do come with a price tag, as it is retailing for £229 at Dunelm. That puts it a good £100 more expensive than our top-rated Swan patio heater, or the Blumfeldt Portable Electric Heater. 

However, we have spotted the same Zanussi heater going for £100 on Amazon. So if you are taken with the floorlamp look then shop around and make sure you're snapping up the best deal.

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