Craft room ideas – 14 creative ways to create a creative space

Make time and room for your sewing projects, never has a work place looked so inviting

How many projects have been started and then stopped due to lack of room and nowhere to keep things mid-making? In a limited space it is hard to get motivated to return to a sewing idea, but we think these idea will change that and inspire the perfect workstation for you to get creating again. Inevitably sewing and making bring with it a lot of paraphernalia, think threads, needles, buttons, haberdashery and materials, finding a place to keep these in order is often an issue. Particularly as items need to be brought out and put away at the end of the day. But we have lots of ideas to share, from making the best of an alcove to a special sewing chair, we aim to get you crafting over the new-year. Find a space and follow our pattern to happy making.

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1. Create a space you can thrive in

craft room with white wall wooden table and chair and craft material

(Image credit: TBC)

Put wasted areas to good use - the end of a hallway, under the stairs or a landing are all areas that could double-up as a compact work zone. Here, a crafting area fits neatly under a sloping wall. Decorate a wall with wallpaper and fabric clippings and swatches that not only look pretty, but help to aid creativity. Alternatively, pin your favourite designs to the wall in stylish frames for a smart display. When two distinct areas share a space, it's important to tie them together so they don't jar – use similar styles of furniture and a common colour palette.

3. Make the most of a small corner

room with white wall and sewing machine on wooden table and mix colour wool ball in wooden basket under table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Keith Henderson and David Hampton)

Transform a tired, unloved corner into a craft room with a few fabulous finds. Scour flea markets, antiques fairs and boot sales for vintage furniture that doesn't cost the earth. Incorporate pieces that are not traditionally used in a craft room or home office. Here a plant stand functions as a practical unit to keep sewing materials organised.

3. Beautify with trio of floral noticeboards

craft on white wall with books telephone and flower vase on wooden drawer storage cabinet

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Pretty up a bare wall. For a simple and stylish solution where space is tight, or in a dual-purpose room where you don't want the office area to dominate, cover plain corkboards with patterned wallpaper or fabric that ties in with the rooms colour scheme. Alternatively, self-adhesive cork tiles are cheap and can be put up in minutes to turn a whole wall into an ever-changing collage of notes, photos and inspirational whatnots.

4. Utilise an unloved room

white home office with multicoloured furnishings

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

This craft room makes use of every inch of its cellar space. Storage is squeezed into every nook and cranny. For a neat and relaxed feel in your craft room, organise supplies in preloved bookcases, chests of drawers and shelves. This fuss-free approach keeps your materials in order, looks great and is inexpensive to pull off, even if you have an abundance of paraphernalia.

5. Simplify storage

decorator's studio with white wall and colourful curtain and pillow storage shelf and wooden table

(Image credit: TBC)

Home offices aren't always about paperwork - this cute decorator's studio shows that there is a storage solution to suit any room. Sample books are filed neatly in a wooden island with an extra large cavity and hooks provide simple ways to hang fabrics. A white-painted bookcase gives the room a country-feel.

6. Incorporate objects that motivate you

craft room with wooden shelf and sewing machine on white table and Hang framed artwork on white and cream wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Matt Cant)

Decorate your craft room with trinkets that will inspire and motivate you. Accessories give all the comforts of home for a welcoming work space. Hang framed artwork to give bare walls more personality and to make the space look more like the other rooms in your home.

7. Keep it neat and tidy

craft room with wooden cabinet and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Be ruthless with clutter. If you know exactly what you want to store in your craft room, or you simply want to have everything hidden away and out of sight, then consider installing fitted units. To keep the office from looking untidy stash things in boxes or behind cupboard doors for a streamlined finish. For a classic scheme that won't date, you can't beat the natural good looks of wood. Alternatively, look in salvage yards for discarded standalone pieces. Don't be discouraged when sourcing salvaged wood - even when damaged, wood can often be restored to its former glory, so you can make the most of auction room acquisitions or junk-shop finds. You may even find an artist's preloved easel.

8. Pretty up with your favourite wallpaper and fabrics

craft room with sewing machine on table with thread spools

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brett Charles)

As well as using them for decoration, turn the walls of your office into a practical feature. Cover the wall so that it becomes a practical surface - cork tiles, magnetic paint or blackboard paint are all good options. You need to create a free area on at least one wall - the scale will depend on how much space you have, from a totally bare wall to a smaller section above a desk or shelving unit.

9. Give your space a considered aesthetic

white and retro blind home office with white shelf with magazine and cloths

(Image credit: Future PLC/Heather Hobhouse)

Display your magazine files along an open shelf for easy access. Match them to the wall colour for a seamless, unobtrusive look or create a feature with a contrasting material. Keep the colours calm in a craft room or home office to promote a good working environment. To stop your space from looking too clinical, add a splash of colour through soft furnishings, but stick to one or two colours.

10. Take your craft room outdoors

outdoor room with white wall and wooden table and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

If you need more space and you need it fast, an outdoor room could be the answer. They work particularly well as offices or studios and are often more cost-effective than travelling to and renting a space. Even the short walk down the garden can feel like 'going to work', plus they can be closed up at the end of the day.

Is your craft room scheme all sewn up? We'd love to hear what you have planned for your space in the comments box.

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