Craft room ideas for creative days

Looking for craft room ideas? Let us inspire you to create a space that you will love for years to come.

Wi-fi has made it possible to connect to the outside world from anywhere in the house, but if you run your own business, work freelance or have lots of personal admin to do, setting aside a dedicated office or craft corner will make any task more pleasant.

A redundant space on a landing, under the stairs or at the end of a long hallway can accommodate a desk that is used for short periods. Alternatively, stash office essentials in a purpose-built cupboard, complete with a desk and integrated task lighting. Then, at the end of the day, it can be shut away out of sight. If you work full time at home, it’s best to devote an entire space to the cause, as a cramped work area can be counterproductive. Consider converting a bedroom or the attic, both of which should be far enough from the hub of the house to be a quiet working environment.

Get the light right. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and, if the ambience in the room is flat, it can make you less productive. Lots of natural light is ideal, preferably from windows not skylights. A task light, such as an Anglepoise, is invaluable too.

Work out what you need to store – books, technology, materials – and choose shelves that can be reconfigured if needed. Wall-mounted shelves are ideal as they increase the feeling of space and are less obtrusive than floor-standing bookcases.

Invest in a well designed office chair that will support your back properly. Try Vitra for a design classic or, if you’re on a budget, Ikea has good, affordable options.

Whatever your creative hobby or arty pastime and however long you spend on it each week, you will enjoy making and doing much more in a space designed to help, not hinder creativity. Take a look at these fabulous craft room ideas before you start decorating your dream space.

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