Parents are raving about this genius hack for keeping a paddling pool clean

It means less time waiting for it to fill back up and it saves water, too

inflatable paddling pool with hose pipe
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Lots of families have dug out the old paddling pools lately to keep kids entertained (and cool) in the hot weather. Most parents will be familiar with the frustration of finding that the water's covered in leaves and other garden debris not long after filling it with fresh water. 

As ever, TikTok has a solution: a simple but clever fitted sheet paddling pool cleaning hack, that has been making quite a splash online. Setting up an inflatable pool is a super easy garden idea that helps you maximise the outdoor space you have. 

As this TikTok video by @rachaelallenby demonstrates, covering your paddling pool with a fitted sheet is a quick way to keep leaves, dirt, bird poo etc. out of the paddling pool water. So less time and money is spent filling it back up.

Fitted sheet paddling pool cleaning hack

rectangular paddling pool with hose

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In the comments, the TikToker recommends using a king-size fitted sheet to cover the 6x4 ft pool. She also warns not to try this pool hack on your own, as you'll most likely end up with a fitted sheet floating in the water.

The video, which shows two people holding opposite ends of the sheet to cover a pool, has had over 3 million views and lots of comments. 'Great until a cat jumps on it,' comments one TikTok user. 

'Brilliant idea, is it one of the plastic ones we used to put on kiddies' beds? If not maybe that would be even better,' wrote another.

small circular paddling pall with child's feet resting on the edge

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It does of course depend on the size and shape of your pool. If a fitted sheet doesn't fit perfectly around your pool, you could try weighing it down around the edges. 

'The recent trend to put a fitted sheet over your paddling pool to keep it clean is a great idea,' says Andrew Bramley, a professional in the commercial cleaning industry, at Pure Freedom. 'However, it can still get dirty when in use by mud and other dirt from the bottom of the child's feet.' 

running garden tap and hose

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However another simple trick for cleaning a paddling pool without emptying it is to place a washing up bowl of water in front of the paddling pool. It acts as a foot bath before kids step into the pool.

While a great hack for paddling pools we think the fitted sheet hack could also work a dream if you've taken advantage of a cheap hot tub deal this year, but are still waiting to invest in a cover. 

Save yourself multiple clean up jobs with this smart hack.

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