Today's best hot tub deals are making a real splash – up to 50% off Lay-Z-Spa, much more

We've rounded up today's hot tub deals – from the best Lay-Z-Spa hot tub deals to the biggest discounts on CleverSpa, Wave, and more

A grey inflatable Lay-Z-Spa hot tub on decking by a pool with sun loungers in the background
(Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa)

Buying a hot tub is an investment that many people struggle to justify, which is why hot tub deals are worth having on your radar if you're stuck on the fence.

While taking a post-work soak in your hot tub is a convincing prospect, you can easily find yourself spending anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds on a hot tub. As such, a hot tub is a purchase that can be heavily impacted by a discount.

That's why we've rounded up the top hot tub deals available today to help you transform your outside space for less.

We've prioritised deals on the best hot tubs the Ideal Home team has tried and tested, scouring the shops for the lowest prices on bestselling hot tubs from Lay-Z-Spa, Wave, CleverSpa, and many more. Read on to snap up a bargain!

Hot tub deals April 2024

If you're in the market for a hot tub discount, you're in luck. Below we've put together all of the information you need to know about today's best hot tub deals, including where to shop and how to save even more money.

Today's biggest hot tub deals

Hot tub deals April 2024

Today's best hot tub deals

Lay-Z-Spa 2-4 Person CancunHot Tub | Was £349 Now £249.97 at Appliances Direct

Lay-Z-Spa 2-4 Person Cancun Hot Tub | Was £349 Now £249.97 at Appliances Direct
Another cheap Lay-Z-Spa hot tub deal, the compact Cancun hot tub is similarly small at just 669 litres, but it's the perfect place for two to soak in the bubbles. It ups the ante slightly with 140 massaging airjets and benefits from Lay-Z-Spa's 'FreezeShield' technology for year-round use.

Lay-Z-Spa 4-6 PersonHawaii Hot Tub | was £699.00ow £395.85 at Amazon

Lay-Z-Spa 4-6 Person Hawaii Hot Tub | was £699.00 now £395.85 at Amazon
What's the difference between a round hot tub and a square one? To be honest not much other than personal preference, and the fact that sometimes a square design can be a better fit in smaller spaces. Either way, if you prefer the look, then this square Lay-Z-Spa inflatable is now better than half-price and its larger capacity means there's room for 4+ users at once.

Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Built-in LED Light Inflatable Hot Tub | was £699.00ow £412.94 at Amazon

Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Built-in LED Light Inflatable Hot Tub | was £699.00 now £412.94 at Amazon
Want to really get the party started? Then this Lay-Z-Spa hot tub with built-in LED lights is the way to do it. The remote‑controlled multi‑coloured LED lighting shines through the semi‑transparent liner to illuminate the water and creates patterns through the designs outside the liner. Choose from 7 colourways to light up the night.

Lay-Z-Spa Toronto Foam Wall Hot Tub | Was £999.99Now £839.00 at Amazon

Lay-Z-Spa Toronto Foam Wall Hot Tub | Was £999.99 Now £839.00 at Amazon
Admittedly, this hot tub is quite a bit more on the pricey side, but if you really want something both luxe and energy-efficient for your outdoor space, look no further than this foam wall hot tub. It effectively retains heat, includes padded pillows, and can be controlled via wifi. It's a win-win.

Sale shopping advice

There are a few key points worth mentioning to help you find the right hot tub for you:

Size: Thinking about how many people will regularly use your hot tub at any one time is one of the most important aspects to consider before you buy. Hot tub capacities can often be a little optimistic, so if a hot tub says it will fit four people, then that can often mean four adults will fit seated, but, it’s likely to be a fairly snug fit – and not necessarily the relaxing experience you envisaged. Fine for a one-off evening, but if there will regularly be four people using the spa at once, sizing up to a six-person capacity is likely to be a decision you won’t regret.

Water capacity: One of the best ways to compare hot tubs – rather than relying on the manufacturer’s guidance on how many people can fit comfortably which can differ between brands – is to compare water capacity. This will give a truer picture of the internal space a hot tub offers – and you might find some ‘4-person’ hot tubs that are roomier than those advertised as ‘6-person’ this way.

That said, the more water your hot tub holds, the more that water's going to cost to heat. Make sure to check out our guide to how much it costs to run a hot tub for the latest energy calculations.

Airjets: The airjets are what create those relaxing bubbles we all love, so generally the more of them the better in an inflatable hot tub. This differs slightly in hardshell Plug & Play hot tubs which generally have a lesser number of more powerful jets.

Wave Osaka 6-Person Hot Tub on decking with trees behind

(Image credit: Wave)

When to shop

The best time to look out for hot tub deals is generally as the summer season is drawing to a close; between between August and October in the UK. This is when retailers launch end-of-season sales to clear summer stock and free up space in-store and online for Christmas stock. 

Of course, that tends to mean that the weather for enjoying your new purchase is coming to an end, but if you don't mind storing your bargains away for the year ahead, then shopping for a hot tub deal at the end of the season is a great way to save cash. Plus, if you opt for a hot tub that has an anti-freeze feature then the fun needn't stop and you'll be able to use your hot tub all year round.

That said, retailers can launch hot tub deals earlier in the season too, especially if spring weather has been wet and cool and they're getting nervous about sitting on excess summer stock.

If you have your eye on a particular piece then the best way to stay in the loop regarding sales is to sign up for the brand's email newsletter, this way you're likely to be the first to hear about hot tub sales when prices drop – or you could bookmark this hot tub deals page, of course!

Amazon Prime Day hot tub deals

Amazon Prime Day – the brand's yearly price-slashing event – can mean some great Prime Day hot tub deals. 

In 2024, Prime Day hot tub deals ran from the 11th to the 12th of July, with a second event running from the 10th to the 11th October. Both discount events had some particularly good Prime Day Lay-Z-Spa hot tub deals on offer.

If you're looking to take advantage of these deals this year, keep an eye on our Amazon Prime Day deals to be the first to hear if details of a second event are unveiled this year.

In the meantime, you could sign up for Amazon Prime membership so you're all set to shop when the next Prime Day hot tub deals take place. Generally, you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the biggest discounts on Prime Day. You can sign up or renew your membership below. Usually, new Prime members can also access a free 30-day membership trial to test out its perks.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Sign up for Amazon Prime
Make sure you'll have access to the best Amazon Prime Day hot tub deals this year by signing up or renewing your Amazon Prime membership here.

Bank holiday hot tub deals

Generally, bank holiday hot tub deals are most active towards the end of the summer, for example on the August bank holiday. Not only is this considered to be a peak trading time for consumers, but it's also a peak trading time for hot tubs. 

You may also find bank holiday hot tub deals throughout the rest of the year, though. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on this page for any updated offers. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday hot tub deals

The term 'Black Friday' originated in the US to denote the first day following Thanksgiving when retailers would cut prices to draw holidaymakers to shop their store's sales. Driven by global brands, the price-slashing event soon crossed the pond, and now Black Friday – closely followed by Cyber Monday – has become one of the UK's biggest consumer extravaganzas, rivalling traditional Boxing Day sales. 

Often hailed as the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday always falls on the last Friday of November, so the next time it will roll around is Friday 29th November 2024.

That said, in recent years, the event has spread to encompass more than just one day, with retailers starting Black Friday discounting earlier and earlier so that a full Black Friday 'week' of discounts isn't uncommon. Last year, we even saw retailers running Black Friday promotions throughout the whole month of November.

Whether or not you agree with the rampant consumerism Black Friday has now come to represent, there's no denying it can be a great time for Black Friday hot tub deals and Cyber Monday hot tub deals. Although some lines may have already sold out in the end-of-summer sales, if there is still hot tub stock around by Black Friday then it's likely to be discounted to a very good price.

Last year, Black Friday hot tub deals saw some great prices on popular Lay-Z-Spa models, so we'll be keeping our eye out for all this year's top Black Friday hot tub deals and Cyber Monday hot tub deals as they drop.

Make sure to bookmark the Ideal Home Black Friday home deals page to get alerts for all the biggest Black Friday homeware sales as they launch.

Boxing Day hot tub deals

If you're looking to spend your Christmas money on something that will make the colder months more bearable, then you may find that many retailers will slash prices for their Boxing Day hot tub deals.

Of course, these deals can often start well before Boxing Day, with many retailers offering hot tub discounts as soon as their pre-Christmas shipping dates have been and gone.

January hot tub deals

If you're not convinced by the Boxing Day hot tub deals and don't mind waiting a few more days, the January hot tub sales could offer a more reasonable price. 

Retailers know that consumers are looking for cheap bargains in January, which is why they often offer tempting offers that are just too good to ignore. Plus, they may even use this opportunity to get rid of last summer's hot tub stock to make way for new lines. 

Naturally, waiting until January to buy a hot tub does come with its risk, and you may find that the hot tub of your choosing sells out before you get to enjoy it. 

How we choose hot tub deals

You'll find full details of the Ideal Home product selection process on our how we test page.

To compile this hot tub deals page we factored in our hands-on testing, searching out deals on the products that we consider best-in-class based on our in-house review process. That includes hot tub deals from Lay-Z-Spa, Wave, and more bestselling brand names. 

If deals aren't currently available on our tried-and-tested favourites, then our product experts have used their knowledge and experience of the product category to curate a list of the best deals available today. This includes researching technical specifications and taking into account multiple customer reviews of any deals we recommend.


What is the cheapest time to buy a hot tub?

The cheapest time to buy a hot tub is generally towards the end of the summer season, which means that anytime between August and October is the best time to pick up a hot tub deal. 

Of course, this timeframe does vary depending on the weather patterns in the UK, and you may find that retailers try to shift their stock earlier or later than predicted if they're worried that the weather will affect their sales. 

What is the average price of a good hot tub?

Prices of hot tubs in the UK usually start at around £300 and top-of-the-range hot tubs could set you back tens of thousands. As you can imagine, these will be very different hot tubs. 

Inflatable hot tubs will always be at the cheaper end of the spectrum, so it's important to understand what you want from a hot tub. If an inflatable hot tub offers everything you need, the average price will sit anywhere between £300 and £1,000.

If you're looking for something a little flashier and want to opt for an acrylic model from a luxury brand, there's no way you'll be getting one of these under £3,000.

But if you want to get the best price for a hot tub of your choosing, we'd suggest checking in on this hot tub deals page every so often. We'll always keep you up to date with the latest discounts, so you don't miss out. 

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