How to clean a Dyson ball vacuum – expert tips for keeping your appliance in working order

Ensure your investment works well for years to come

Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner vacuuming floor
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A Dyson vacuum – irrespective of model – is an investment that deserves to be handled with care. This is why knowing how to clean a Dyson Ball vacuum is one of the most important things to be clued up on to ensure it will continue to work well for years to come.

Among the best vacuum cleaners on the market, the Dyson Ball Animal is the most affordable option you can snap up from the brand's coveted line-up of leading floorcare products. Generally speaking, it's one of the best upright vacuums you can currently snag with a smaller price tag. Better yet, it also qualifies as one of the best vacuums for pet hair because it automatically detangles any hair that gets caught when cleaning carpet.

However, as with any home appliance, since it puts in a lot of work weekly to keep our homes in tip-top shape, we ought to also clean our vacuums regularly and give it a little TLC. We spoke with Dyson to provide their best word of advice to properly clean a Dyson Ball vacuum and keep it in working order for longer.

How to clean Dyson ball vacuum

'Keeping your filter and machine clean helps maintain suction and washing the filter is quick and easy and can help your vacuum retain its power,' begins Robert Patience, mechanical engineer for floorcare at Dyson.

Chances are, one of the biggest telltale signs that your vacuum needs replacing is a loss of suction power. However, before going straight in with buying a new one, it's worth trying your hand at unclogging the vacuum hose and cleaning its filter.

We already have a detailed explainer of how to clean a Dyson filter, but if you're after tips specific to cleaning the filter of a Dyson Ball vacuum, we've got you covered.

Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner vacuuming floor

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How to clean a Dyson Ball vacuum filter

1. Unplug or turn off your vacuum

First things first, before you even begin, Robert urges you to always switch off and unplug the machine before carrying out any maintenance.

This should go without saying and is an important step that must be carried out regardless of whether your vacuum is corded, like a Dyson Ball, or if it's one of the brand's best cordless vacuum counterparts.

2. Disassemble the ball shell

Once you've turned it off, press the button on the top of the carry handle to remove the cyclone and clear the bin. Then, carefully lay the vacuum on its side with the filter side of the ball facing upwards.

'Turn the central locking dial anti-clockwise until the ball shell is released,' explains Robert.

3. Remove the filters

After disassembling the ball shell, turn the post filter of the vacuum one-quarter counter-clockwise to release it. 'Remove the post filter baffle and wash separately,' advises Robert.

Then, onto the next part of the filter. Unclip the front of the carry handle and remove the pre-filter.

4. Wash the filters

Once you've removed both filters from their respective areas, wash both of them with cold water only.

'Tap and shake the filters to expel debris and rinse with cold water. Repeat the process until the water runs clear. Rinse the post baffle thoroughly and do not squeeze excessively,' explains Robert.

5. Leave the filters to dry

After washing the filters under cold water, leave them out to dry for at least 24 hours. It's really crucial that you ensure the filters are completely dry before attempting to refit them into your Dyson Ball vacuum.

6. Refit the filters

'Relocate the post filter baffle under the tabs located on the rear of the filter. Refit the post filter onto the ball and secure the filter by turning it clockwise so the arrows align,' says Robert.

'Locate the ball shell onto the side of the machine, twist the central locking dial clockwise until it clicks, ensuring the ball shell rotates freely,' he continues.

Then, refit the pre-filter and carefully fasten the carry handle shut.

'Regarding the filter on your Dyson Ball, we recommend that you clean the filter at least once every 3 to 6 months,' advises Robert.

Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner vacuuming floor

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How to clean the Dyson Ball vacuum clear bin

Although a lot of the work that goes into cleaning a Dyson Ball vacuum is ensuring that the filters are regularly tended to, there will be occasions when you may need to clean the clear bin.

If you have to undergo this task, here's what to remember.

1. Carefully remove the bin

You'll only be able to remove the bin when the red rod has been pushed down fully so that it is flush with the bin. Similar to the first step of cleaning the filters, carefully lay the vacuum on its side with the filter side of the ball facing upwards.

Then, pull the silver catch behind the red bin release button and carefully slide the clear bin off the spine on the cyclone.

2. Wash the bin

Once you've removed the bin, make sure to only wash it with cold water.

'Do not use detergents, polishes, or air fresheners to clean the clear bin or put the clear bin in a dishwasher,' warns Robert. It's important to keep the task of cleaning the clear bin to handwashing only.

On that note, Robert also cautions against immersing the cyclone in water or pouring water into the cyclones under any circumstance.

3. Leave the bin to dry

After washing it, make sure you allow the clear bin to fully dry before reinserting it into the vacuum.

4. Refit the bin into the vacuum

Once it's dry, you can refit it into your Dyson Ball vacuum. You can do this by inserting the spine into the bin runner, pushing upwards until it clicks and then continuing to push until it slides in perfectly.

'Close the clear bin by pushing the bin base upwards. Ensure that the bin base clicks and the clip is securely in place,' concludes Robert.

Dyson UP32 Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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How do you clean the inside of a Dyson ball?

To clean the inside of the Dyson ball (also known as the clear bin), you have to ensure you carefully remove the clear bin according to the manufacturer's instructions and wash it strictly with cold water.

Can you take apart a Dyson vacuum to clean it?

Yes, you can take apart the components of a Dyson vacuum to effectively clean it. The removable parts of the Dyson Ball vacuum include the pre-filter, post-filter baffle, and the clear bin.

Ensure you've turned it off or unplugged it before attempting to disassemble a Dyson vacuum.

Can Dyson ball filter be washed?

Yes, you can wash the filters of a Dyson Ball vacuum. When you've removed them, wash both the filters under cold water and continue to rinse them until the water runs clear.

By following these tips you're well on your way to learning how to correctly clean a Dyson Ball vacuum – ensuring both its filters and clear bin components stay in optimal condition so you can continue to use your vacuum for many more years to come.

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