I just discovered a genius fan hack to keep flies out the house that actually works

If you invest in one appliance to help combat the hot weather - let it be this I just discovered a genius fan hack to keep flies out the house that actually works

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The joys of summer days - windows open around your home, back doors open to the patio, all to be ruined by the annoying presence of fruit flies. You've likely found them buzzing around your living room, kitchen, and even in your bedroom, with little hope of getting them gone for good.  

There are a few solutions to getting rid of fruit flies in your home, from keeping fresh produce tucked away to making use of home remedies, but this newest hack offers a way to keep a room cool at the same time. The solution? Simply turn your fan on. 

So, if you fancy keeping cool all while banishing flies in your home, here's exactly how the hack works. 

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How to use a fan to get rid of flies

Once flies have entered your property, it can be tricky to get them to leave. Even if you show them to the door by opening a window that they're buzzing around, they often want to overstay their welcome in the comfort of your home. 

This is why it's a good idea to use a fan as a 'preventative measure to deter fruit flies', as Rachel Kiss, Marketing Manager at Alliance Online, suggests. 

'Fruit flies are weak fliers and dislike strong air currents. By placing a fan near where fruit flies congregate, you can create an environment with increased air circulation, making it more difficult for the fruit flies to fly and land on surfaces,' says Rachel. 

Investing in a fan this summer sounds like a win-win for staying refreshed and free from constantly swatting flies. And if you're wondering exactly where is best to position your fan, Adam Juson, Co-Founder of commercial pest control company, Merlin Environmental, recommends 'setting up a fan near the infested area and positioning it towards the infested spot to create a consistent airflow'. 

'The goal is to make it harder for the flies to fly and keep them away from the area,' he says.

Working from home away from office air conditioning can be tough, so I gave the hack a go myself using the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan, which I kept running all day. Usually, my living room would be buzzing with at least five flies around the ceiling light, but today there hasn't been a single bug in sight. I put it to the test by turning the fan off to pop to the shops too, leaving the window ajar. I walked back into the flat to a few flies in the hallway, which is evidence enough for me to keep the fan running.

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How to choose a fan to deter flies

Shopping for the best fans can be difficult, especially if you wait for the heatwave to begin when there are fewer options in stock. There are many different shapes and sizes available, from desk models to tower fans that will easily cool an entire room.

It's important to first think about where you want to place a fan. This can largely come down to the space you have available, after all, tower fans only offer the ultimate cooling solution if you have the room to keep it out or a large cupboard to store it. You should also think about when you're likely to use it - if you're aiming to keep a bedroom cool enough to sleep through the night, then you'll want to choose a model with a sleep or quiet setting.

If you're trying this hack for keeping flies out of your home, it's a good idea to use more than one fan to create an assault-course style set-up that pushes the flies in a certain direction.

Alvin Pullins, Home Maintenance Expert at Nerd in the House, also suggests to 'set up multiple fans strategically throughout your home, aiming them towards areas where fruit flies tend to gather'. This will maximise the airflow and result in an airy room that is free from flies.

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