Aldi is selling a sleek oil-filled radiator and fan heater - both for less than £30

Stay warm this winter for less

Aldi oil-filled radiator in living room
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi is selling two new electric heaters to help curb the cold weather – an oil-filled radiator and an electric fan heater – both priced at under £30 each and landing in stores tomorrow, the 16th of January.

The best electric heaters are a no-brainer buy for the winter season if keeping warm without breaking the bank is your top concern. Not only will the cost of running an electric heater set you back just mere pennies, but their compact size is also ideal for those in need of a discrete and non-disruptive way to keep a house warm in winter.

Aldi's new oil-filled radiator and electric fan heater will be available to shop in Aldi stores nationwide, and given their super affordable price point, we suspect stock won't last for long.

Aldi oil-filled radiator and electric fan heater

The Oil Filled Radiator (£29.99) and Electric Fan Heater (£24.99) are the hottest heating buys to keep a watchful eye on this winter season, especially as the oil-filled radiator vs fan heater debate continues to be a hot topic.

Oil-filled radiators and fan heaters are some of the cheapest electric heaters to run, allowing shoppers to save energy at home compared to relying on traditional gas heating. A lot of the difference will just rely on aesthetics and heat distribution.

Although they're both formidable choices for electric heaters, generally speaking, fan heaters tend to heat a room quicker, but can sometimes struggle with even heat distribution compared to oil-filled options. However, as a result of this, fan heaters tend to work great in smaller spaces – which is something to keep in mind.

The Oil Filled Radiator option is also more affordable to run. It will cost households just 23p per hour to run, while the Electric Fan Heater will cost a slightly higher 29p per hour to run. However, this is still more affordable than the general cost to run of central heating.

Aldi oil-filled radiator in living room

Aldi's new oil-filled radiator

(Image credit: Aldi)

Compared to the previous Aldi stove-effect electric heater, these new electric heaters are more than half the price of last year's release, with two different models to choose from depending on personal preference and requirements.

If you're on the hunt for one of the best oil-filled radiators, Aldi's oil-filled radiator is compact and easy to store, featuring an adjustable thermostat and overheat protection, making it a cost-cutting must-have for the winter. The power cord storage allows for easy storage in even the smallest of rooms.

If we had to compare, we'd say that Aldi's oil-filled radiator is most similar to the VonHaus 6 Fin 800W Oil Filled Radiator, which currently retails for £39.99. Therefore, Aldi's £29.99 offer is much more competitive.

On the other hand, the electric fan heater boasts four power settings, adjustable heating angles and tip-over protection, featuring a built-in handle for easy portability from room to room in your home.

Aldi electric fan heater on tabletop

Aldi's new electric fan heater

(Image credit: Aldi)

However, in the off-chance that you're not looking to buy a new electric heater but want to hone in on improving heat efficiency in your home, Aldi is also selling a Radiator Reflector for £12.99. Easy to install, it can be easily cut to fit your radiator, the reflector features an internal bubble structure to better cut home heat loss.

This will also be available to buy in stores alongside the new oil-filled radiator and fan heater on the 16th of January.

Shop alternative electric heaters

Alternatively, if you're not able to get to an Aldi store, here are some of our other favourite electric heaters worth picking up.

Rest assured, whichever one you opt for is guaranteed to be a money-saving winner to keep warm in your home as we patiently wait for the change of season.

Here's to staying cosy for less during even the coldest of winter nights.

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