One Pound Meals chef, Miguel Barclay, shares 6 tips to save energy while cooking

Have you learnt something new about your cooking habits?

Kitchen with silver ranger and blue casserole dish
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Known for getting the nation cooking inventive, yet affordable mouth-watering meals on a budget, One Pound Meals chef, Miguel Barclay, shares his top tips for cooking to save energy at home.

One Pound Meals chef, Miguel Barclay, has teamed up with Gas Safe Register to launch the nation's first-ever family menu designed to save energy, money, and help keep families safe – Gas Safe Eats.

In an interview with Ideal Home, we asked him for his quickfire tips for cooking in a way that's more energy efficient to stave away the rising cost of energy bills amongst the cost of living crisis. Every little helps, especially in the area of our homes we spend a significant amount of time in: the kitchen.

Kitchen with silver ranger and blue casserole dish

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Miguel Barclay's 6 top tips to save energy while cooking

1. Boil water using a kettle instead of the hob

'When cooking things like pasta or rice on the hob, boiling the water first using a kettle, rather than heating it up from cold on the hob, will help save on loads of energy,' explains Miguel Barclay.

'It’s also important to only use just enough water so that your food is covered.' With water bills expected to increase in April, it pays to be more conscious of your usage now while it's early, so you can save money on your water bill, and ultimately save money.

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2. Opt for meals that can be cooked quickly

It may seem expected, but opting to make meals that can be cooked quickly is a surefire way to bring your energy usage down.

'I love to cook quickly to save energy – have a go at making a stir-fry as it's minimal time on the hob, so less energy is used.'

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3. Regularly clean the heating rings on the hob

Keeping an always clean kitchen helps in more ways than you might think. 'Cleaning the heating rings on the hob helps to maintain efficiency as debris stuck to the ring will make it less efficient,' says Miguel.

Therefore, it pays to know how to clean an induction hob. 'By doing this you’ll use less energy which will help reduce energy bills.'

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4. Use the correct size cookware for the hob ring

'The bigger the surface area, the more energy it takes to heat up – so make sure you’re using the correct size pots and pans that match the hob ring.'

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5. Pan-frying meals on a gas hob

'I pan-fry meals on a gas hob – where the food you’re making is quick, using a high heat, where you only have the gas on for a short amount of time.'

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6. Batch cooking

'I would recommend batch cooking, which is great to save money,' advises Miguel Barclay. 'If you’re cooking a Sunday roast and you want to have quiche tomorrow, stick that in there as well and you’re getting two things cooked for the price of one.'

Although we're not one to turn down the best air fryer, when it comes to batch cooking, the oven wins by a landslide when you consider the cost to run an oven.

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Did you learn something new about your cooking habits? Which of these will you be swapping out and trying out to better save energy at home when you're next in the kitchen?

Miguel Barclay is supporting Gas Safe Register the UK’s official registration body for gas engineers and gas businesses, the campaign aims to encourage householders to keep an eye out for the hidden signs of unsafe gas appliances in and around their kitchens at home. To find and check a gas engineer in your area, visit or call 0800 408 5500.

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