Disguise your Wi-Fi router with this clever IKEA hack that is going viral on TikTok

Tired of looking at your eyesore of a Wi-Fi router? Try out this easy trick to disguise it

IKEA SMARRA natural box with lid
(Image credit: IKEA)

Let's be honest, Wi-Fi routers aren't necessarily the prettiest thing to look at, especially if you've got a living room colour scheme you're trying to stick to. So it doesn't come as a surprise that people are flocking to TikTok to try out this easy and clever wifi router disguising IKEA hack – and all you need is a woven basket.

TikTok user, Shayna Alnwick (@shaynaalnwick) is well-known on the platform for flipping furniture and offering easy DIY tips and tricks, and this one takes the cake. In this TikTok hack, she shows how to easily disguise a Wi-Fi router by using a smart IKEA hack with IKEA's SMARRA box with lid.


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For the hack, Shayna uses a pair of scissors to cut a hole into the woven basket that's just big enough to loop her Wi-Fi router's wires into (this hack works a treat if you're also figuring out how to hide wires). Once the wires are in and the router is in place, she puts the lid back on the SMARRA box.

The end result is one that looks clean, natural, and chic. Nobody would even be able to tell that you were hiding a Wi-Fi router in there.

IKEA SMARRA natural box with lid

(Image credit: IKEA)

The SMARRA box with lid, used for the hack, is available at IKEA in-store and online for only £10 – a bargain if you consider how much it can help keep decor in your home cohesive.

Even better yet, this hack doesn't just stop at Wi-Fi routers but can be used to disguise any eyesore of a tech gadget inside your home. The basket measures 30x30x10cm (with a bigger size measuring 30x30x23cm also available for an extra £5) which is big enough to fit the likes of a TV box or video game console. 

IKEA SMARRA natural box with lid

(Image credit: IKEA)

Although ingenious in terms of decoration, the hack was also met with some criticism from people concerned about this affecting the Wi-Fi signal to even posing as a fire hazard.

To combat those concerns, fans in the comments have claimed that the hack is 'awesome as you still have airflow which sooo many people forget'. Another disagreed with the concerns saying that 'the thin basket won't affect wifi strength... it's able to go through walls and floors.'

Even though the arguments above ring true, you should also be aware that the placement of your router, regardless if concealed or not, can impact its signal. Therefore, as much as we love this hack, it might not be ideal for everyone's home.

IKEA SMARRA natural box with lid

(Image credit: IKEA)

If you're struggling with figuring out how to make the internet faster, Plusnet recommends placing your router centrally as 'wireless broadband routers transmit from all directions in a circle', therefore, the more centrally you can place it, the better your home's overall coverage will be.

Following this, they also suggest placing it out in the open. 'A good rule of thumb is to always have your router visible', and this is where this gem of a TikTok hack comes to play as you get the best of both worlds – visible but hidden just enough.

This trick is the perfect hack for hiding those eyesores and maintaining your home's aesthetic without having to think too hard about getting creative. Would you try out this trick?

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