IKEA has a simple solution to put an end to messy and ugly cables

This handy product will help you to manage all of your WFH tools

IKEA HÖNSNÄT cable management box on a black desk with a black lamp, notebook, phone and other organisers
(Image credit: IKEA)

When working from home one of the things that most clutters up our workspaces - or even our entertainment areas – are wires, cables and plugs.

Though they’re essential for charging laptops, phones and other devices, cables and plugs can be pretty unsightly, especially if you’re looking to create a calm, relaxed –and, dare we say it – stylish environment in which to work in and can feel impossible to tidy away. Luckily, IKEA has come to the rescue with its new solution for hiding away wires and organising messy cables.

IKEA’s solution for messy cables

Swedish brand IKEA have just launched their brand new product, the HÖNSNÄT, a cable management box designed to hide away all of your plugs and wires, to help you clean up your desk space.

The HÖNSNÄT is essentially a pink/beige box, sustainably made from moulded paperboard, which, while practical, is also rather aesthetically pleasing – meaning it should blend in nicely to most home offices, whether you prefer more a muted and neutral home office colour scheme, or something more vibrant.

It's designed to keep your plugs and cables hidden away, and features two large holes on either side of the box, through which you can feed any wires you may need to your laptop or phone.

IKEA HÖNSNÄT cable management box on a black desk with an adaptor inside it

(Image credit: IKEA)

The idea is that the HÖNSNÄT will neatly cover up any plugs or cables even when they're in use – for example, you can easily place a plug adaptor inside it to keep all of your electronics out of sight.

You can also prop it up against a plug socket, whether your plugs are higher up on the wall or located on the floor, and feed the unsightly wires through the gaps to your devices, to keep everything looking as tidy and organised as possible.

The HÖNSNÄT also comes with a lid, meaning that your electrical accessories are well and truly disguised.

IKEA isn't the first brand to launch a cable organiser box, you can find alternatives on Amazon. However, the big difference is that while an Amazon version will set you back £9, the IKEA version is just £6. Even our favourite budget brand Flying Tiger hasn't been able to match IKEA with their cable tidy costing twice the price at £12.

IKEA HÖNSNÄT phone holder on a desk

(Image credit: IKEA)

And the home office storage ideas from IKEA don't stop there. As part of the HÖNSNÄT range, they have also recently released a handy mobile phone holder, which would be ideal for people who need to regularly use their mobile for calls whilst working.

It might also be helpful for use on a bedside table or side table if you're looking for someone to securely store your phone overnight.

Made of the same neutral moulded paperboard, the phone holder has two angled slots, allowing you to hold more than one phone if necessary, and also has a deeper section behind said slots for pens, which should prove invaluable to those of us who regularly misplace these when working.


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