The Style Sisters reveal the kitchen storage essential they swear by (and it's less than £20!)

Keeping an organised kitchen doesn't have to set you back hundreds

White kitchen countertops with decorative jars and plants
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If there's any place we ought to keep organised for our peace of mind, it's the kitchen. Standing as an unavoidably high-traffic area for a minimum of three instances a day (unless you're a repeat Uber Eats offender), if you don't keep on top of organising your kitchen, chaos is sure to ensue.

Luckily, organising and styling duo, The Style Sisters have let us in on the kitchen organising must-have they absolutely swear by, so you can add it to your list of kitchen storage ideas to help you curb the kitchen clutter.

White kitchen countertops with decorative jars and plants

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The Style Sisters kitchen organising essential

Speaking to Ideal Home on their go-to storage solutions for a kitchen, the Style Sisters say, 'We love a kitchen, but I think it's somewhere where the clutter builds up quite quickly. Things go out of date so it is somewhere that does need constant revisiting.'

Style Sisters arranging flowers in kitchen
The Style Sisters, Gemma & Charlotte

The duo consisting of Charlotte Reddington and Gemma Lilly specialise in fashion, interiors, and styling and have an esteemed Instagram following of over 285k. The pair have gained an impressive roster of celeb clients including Rita Ora, Kimberly Walsh, and Vogue Williams.

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'We highly recommend going through all the food, making sure it's in date and everything is still edible, and then categorising all your foods, condiments, and spices together,' continue Gemma and Charlotte.

But once you've tackled the task of organising your kitchen worktops or organising kitchen cupboards, now comes the star buy the duo swear by for maintaining an organised kitchen: a lazy susan.

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'Using lazy susans is really good for condiments, jars, oils, and bottles. It saves a lot of space in a cupboard. They're also great because you can maximise the depth of the cupboard without losing track of what you've got,' assure the duo.

'Again, with lazy susans, all the products can spin around, and having a good detox of the actual products that you actually use and need around the home is key.'

I know for myself that in my own small kitchen, a lazy Susan is definitely next on my shopping list so I always have a guaranteed way to keep an organised kitchen. On top of that, not only are lazy susans extremely practical in a kitchen setting (it's one of our Editor Heather's top fitted kitchen storage hacks), but can also be used as a storage and organisation solution for nearly every room.

In fact, one that I've seen around far too many times (and am even intrigued to try for myself) is to put skincare and makeup products on a (perhaps prettier) lazy susan in a bedroom or bathroom, so their uses are endless.

Here's to lazy susans, you're serving us well.

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