Why an appliance garage is the latest trend that no stylish kitchen should be without

Here's why you won't be able to live without an appliance garage in your kitchen

Shaker kitchen with pink island, navy cabinets and a pantry.
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We know what you're thinking, a whole garage space dedicated to appliances? Space is already scarce in many of our homes, so it's safe to say that creating a large storage space for kitchen appliances isn't top of the list. However, the new trend for an appliance station is the latest kitchen pantry idea that is easy to achieve and effortlessly cool. 

'Our findings found that the pantry or larder cupboard, including budget-friendly corner larders, is one of the most sought-after kitchen items for 2023,' says Dan Ferrari, head of kitchens at Wickes

'And that’s being combined with another new trend -  the ‘appliance garage’ which provides an additional storage space for kitchen appliances such as an air fryer, multicooker, milk frother, coffee machine, ice-cream maker and juicer – providing an all-new sleek, clutter-free kitchen.'

So whether you're plotting new kitchen ideas ready for a renovation, or you want to refresh how you use the storage in your pantry, here's how to create a stylish and practical appliance garage that will streamline your space. 

How to create an appliance garage in your kitchen

While an appliance garage sounds simple, there are some key ways to add one to your kitchen storage ideas to ensure it's as useful as possible - and on-trend. 

'To design an efficient appliance garage, consider the placement of it in your kitchen. We recommend placing the appliance garage near the cooking and preparation areas so that your appliances are easy to access,' adds Dan.  

Once you've figured out the configuration of your pantry, it's time to look inwards on exactly which features to include, and what style to go for. 

1. Stick to zoning

Shaker kitchen with pink island, navy cabinets and a pantry.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

When planning how to design a kitchen, it's important to think about how you and your family typically use the space. How you move around a room, what your routine entails, and where people gather are all essential considerations to make before deciding where to place a pantry. 

By positioning a pantry close to a cooking area or a dining spot, you'll have easy access to appliances without needing to dance around cupboards or other people. 

When designing your pantry, consider the available space and accessibility. Consider how easy it is to access the appliances. For example, if you frequently use your blender, ensure that it's within easy reach. However, if you only use your mixer occasionally, it can be stored in a less accessible area,' advises Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio

2. Make a breakfast station

Green kitchen with built-in pantry showing appliances.

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Morning routines can be notoriously rushed and stressful, so why not create an appliance garage that works to minimise this?

Using an appliance garage as a breakfast station means that everything is kept in one place, making it simple to make toast at the same time as brewing coffee. Plus, if you have children this can act as a self-serve area for them to hone their kitchen skills. Positioning next to a breakfast bar idea designed for morning dining will make it even more streamlined. 

3. Focus on style

Navy kitchen with built-in pantry in same style.

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The role of a pantry is rooted in practicality. It serves as a space to store a plethora of spices, dried foods and appliances in an organised way that doesn't impact your kitchen design. However, this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. 

'The whole purpose of an appliance garage is to house all the gadgets you don’t want on show, so making sure the unit blends in with the rest of your kitchen colour scheme and style is key,' Dan recommends. 

'Opt for the same style of cupboard and paint colour so that it fits seamlessly.'

So whether you've opted for a statement navy kitchen idea or kept it pared-back with a white kitchen aesthetic, matching a pantry to the rest of your design will make an appliance garage sit pretty. 

4. Prioritise practical features

Pink shaker kitchen with built-in pantry.

(Image credit: Herringbone)

Extra storage for appliances is a treat in itself, but paying attention to the finer details will take a pantry to the next level. Considering which appliances you're going to store in the garage before you start designing will help you to add plug sockets to the areas it matters the most. 

'Pantries are the best places to house appliances such as a toaster or a coffee machine and integrate the microwave so that all small appliances are together. Sockets in the rear would be very common and useful as all appliances can be used then and there,' advises William Durrant, owner of Herringbone.

Automatic lighting would also serve as a high-end touch that makes it even easier to turn on a coffee machine on dark and dreary mornings. 

5. Carefully consider shelving

Red shaker kitchen with built-in pantry.

(Image credit: Herringbone)

It's not enough to include one shelf to act as an appliance garage, instead, carefully plan all the shelves and drawers in your pantry to ensure it's cleverly optimised. 

'Ensure you have a varied selection of shelving and storage sections to suit different appliances. Pull-out drawers, closed cabinets of different heights, and a work surface area that is slightly deeper than the average (so that steam from a boiling kettle can rise) are suitable design choices,' suggests Dan. 

'Small appliances also come in different sizes and shapes, so ensure that your pantry has enough space to accommodate them,' Charlie adds. 

Instead of using a pantry as a general place to house appliances, thinking instead about where each item is best-placed will ensure that each inch of storage is used to its full potential.

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