The Dulux colour of the year 2024 is the sweetest kitchen pink - here's how to get the look

Pink is officially here to stay

Benchmarx pink kitchen with handleless doors/
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Dulux have officially announced their colour of the year for 2024, and it's the pink shade that dreams are made of. With a year centered around barbieland, it's no wonder that the shade, Sweet Embrace, is a blush pink that embodies the latest paint trend

And with Sweet Embrace leading the way in pink palettes, it's been filtered through to many different interiors, kitchens included. Pink kitchens are all over our Instagram feeds for good reason - they're pretty, playful and easy to style. And the latest to champion the pink kitchen trend is Maude Apatow.

But, it can still feel challenging to commit to a pink colour scheme. No matter how pale the shade, a kitchen is a big investment so you want to get it right. So, we've rounded up the best ways to incorporate Dulux COTY into your kitchen, in ways big and small.

How to use Dulux's COTY in a kitchen

Dulux's COTY reveal is an excellent opportunity to revamp your space with an on-trend colour, whether that be a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. And just because it's the colour of the year, doesn't mean it won't last for years to come. Pink has been a popular paint trend for years and is set to continue its reign. 

'The joy of our Colour of the Year 2024, Sweet Embrace, is that it works beautifully as a standalone colour that offers a welcome, ‘arm around the shoulder’ feel – perfect for kitchens that are the family hub of the home. In addition, it acts as a fantastic cheerleader to other complementing colours,' says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux.

'The Warm Colour Story, launched with Sweet Embrace, features beautiful oranges and terracottas, such as Fireside Embers and Copper Glow – the most stimulating in the palette. As well as offering comfort and cosiness, these warming colours are known to enliven the senses, making your delicious cooking taste and smell that little bit sweeter.'

kitchen with pink breakfast bar pink kitchen island black cabinets

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1. Max out on pink cabinets

Benchmarx pink kitchen with handleless doors/

(Image credit: Benchmarx)

If you're ready to commit to a pink kitchen, then going bold with coloured cabinetry is a simple way to embody the trend. 

'Confident colour is a key trend in kitchen design at the moment and we are seeing more and more clients move from grey and white to bold and bright. While an eye-popping Barbiecore pink might be difficult to live with, incorporating softer more pastel-based muted pinks into a kitchen space can create a really joyful and uplifting atmosphere,' says Dave Young, founder of HUSK kitchens.

If designing a new kitchen isn't in your budget but you still want to revamp the colour, then there are plenty of options too. 

'If you're not ready to fully commit to a colourful kitchen, you can dip your toe into it by painting the inside of your cupboard doors or behind an open shelving unit. This subtle splash of excitement might just inspire you to explore bolder options in the future,' advises Emma Merry, colour consultant and author of The New Colourful Home. 

2. Opt for an island

Navy kitchen with pink island and stools.

(Image credit: Future PLC/Philip Lauterbach)

A kitchen is the heart of the home, a spot where family and friends gather to not only cook and eat but also to catch up on their days and entertain. With this in mind, creating a central spot, like a kitchen island, where people will naturally gather around is key.  

Using pink as a standout kitchen island idea will add a playful touch, and zone the island from the rest of the cabinetry for socialising. 

'Tonally soft pink works really well alongside natural wood, we recently created a statement soft pink island which paired beautifully with a run of oak V groove units. Alternatively, for a stronger look, go for earthier more biscuity pigments and drench them over walls and ceiling for a cocooning warmth,' adds Dave. 

3. Stick to the walls

Navy kitchen with island and pink wall.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

If you're looking for a more affordable way to incorporate Sweet Embrace into your kitchen, then painting the walls will allow you to recreate the look for less. 

'If you find yourself with an outdated and dingy kitchen, and a complete renovation is not currently feasible, consider the transformative power of paint. Painting is a cost-effective way to make a significant impact on your space; it's a big bang for your buck, offering a substantial change for a relatively small effort,' says Emma. 

'When it comes to choosing a paint colour, consider the soothing and nurturing qualities of pink. In a kitchen, where chaos can sometimes reign, pink introduces a sense of calm while retaining a playful and creative edge, making it an ideal backdrop for culinary masterpieces.'

Pink also works with many different kitchen colour schemes, whether you have neutral white cabinetry or a statement shade such as navy or dark green, making it an easy addition.

The Dulux colour of the year 2024, Sweet Embrace, is available to shop as a ready-mixed paint online and in-store now.

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