Instantly make your kitchen look expensive with these 9 things that cost less than £10

Affordable, stylish and practical - we're adding to our baskets instantly

Grey shaker kitchen with brass handles and white worktop
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In the era of quiet luxury, there's no question that we're all trying to find ways to achieve that subtle wealth style on a budget. However, with the cost of living crisis meaning that we can't splurge on decor, we've scoured Amazon for the best kitchen products under £10 that will give you a premium look for less. 

Amazon's Prime Day deals for the home excel every year, and with only one day left to shop, we recommend you act fast to grab appliances and household essentials at a reduced price. 

But if you're simply looking to spruce up your kitchen for £10 (the cost of two takeaway coffees is how we justify it), then take a look at our editor-approved picks. They're guaranteed to give you that polished Instagram-ready look as well as make your life a little bit easier. 

Grey shaker kitchen with brass handles and white worktop

(Image credit: Future)

9 products under £10 to make your kitchen look more expensive

From the best kitchen storage ideas that will make the insides of your cupboards look just as stylish as the outside, to all manner of accessories that will make your kitchen look more expensive, you'll want to know about these under-£10 buys.  

I live in a rented flat with a very small kitchen myself, and I write about kitchens for a living - so it's safe to say I'm well versed in finding the most practical and trendy items to make my cooking space look a little bit (okay, a lot) prettier. It's not just about finding the most stylish products that will make a kitchen look more expensive, it's also about ensuring they're practical and durable. After all, it's only a good deal if it actually works.  

With that in mind, rest assured that these Amazon buys under £10 will be making their way into my very own cooking space to make it look significantly more premium.

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With all of these buys coming in under £10, you can either opt for sticking to a tight shopping budget or picking up more than one to truly amp up how expensive your kitchen looks. It's safe to say i'm adding multiple to my basket. 

Holly Cockburn
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