Fred Sirieix's clever and affordable lighting solution instantly elevates a kitchen – designers say it's a 'must-have'

Add a touch of luxe to your cooking space

Fred Sirieix
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Fred Sirieix has quickly climbed the ranks as a celebrity whose home we've got a keen eye on, and this time we can't help but swoon at the First Dates star's clever kitchen lighting solution.

Kitchen lighting ideas can transform your space instantly, making for a well-illuminated space better suited for prepping and cooking and a space that looks elevated, too. As the debate surrounding the 'big light' rages, people are opting for alternative lighting solutions, layering them to make a kitchen look more expensive. So it's no surprise the maître d'hotel has taken this growing kitchen trend under his wing.

'As you can see from Fred's kitchen, adding lighting underneath your worktops has a great impact on both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen space,' begins Jen Nash, head of design at fitted kitchen specialists, Magnet. 'The feature enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen by creating a warm and inviting feel on top of your pre-existing overhead lighting.'

Darren Watts, showroom design director at Wren Kitchens even adds that 'under cabinet (or under-counter) lighting is a quick and cost-effective way to modernise your kitchen, bring light to focus areas and add a luxe touch', further playing into that idea of bringing quiet luxury into kitchens.

There are various forms of under-cabinet and under-counter lighting to choose from when considering modern kitchen lighting ideas. The ones employed in Fred's kitchen are strip lights, which Darren explains are 'designed to provide unbroken illumination' and can be used to draw attention to prized features like the details of kitchen backsplashes or kitchen worktops.

'Fred cleverly uses under-cabinet lighting to create a warm hue and showcase both his metallic hardware and detailed cabinetry,' he explains.

Kitchen with indoor strip lighting under cabinets and stainless steel countertop

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Aside from highlighting certain areas in a kitchen, Jen goes on to say that 'adding under-counter lighting to your kitchen is a great design choice if you're looking to create a more ambient environment'.

Seeing as the kitchen is dubbed 'the heart of the home', we're seeing more people favour warmer lighting features and colours that will make a kitchen feel cosy, encouraging family members to congregate and use the space as intended. Of course, Jen adds that under-counter lighting equally boosts the functionality of a cooking space by creating a brighter space for meal preparation and cooking, too.

Shop under-counter strip lighting

Even if you aren't undergoing a kitchen renovation the good news is that under-cabinet lighting is easy to add in retrospectively. If you're trying to achieve a similar look to Fred Sirieix's kitchen, Simon Ribchester, head of design at home renovation platform, Beams urges you to use energy-efficient LED light strips, as these mimic natural light, are better for the environment, and last longer overall.

He adds that opting for LEDs as under-counter lighting will 'create small and efficient pools of light providing an instant luxurious feel to kitchens'. Alternatively, you can consider adding them underneath kitchen cabinets for a similar effect. Darren notes that due to strip lighting's 'discreet placements and easy installation, they can be added to any shape or sized kitchen to elevate the space'.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. Therefore, it's no wonder they're a must-have solution for those looking to upgrade their kitchen design at a low cost.

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