Yes, there is a right way to store mugs - the 5 best ways recommend by professional organisers

Keep your precious vessels free from dust and damage by storing them correctly

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A cuppa or mug of strong coffee is an essential part of every day - depending on your poison. And the perfect vessel makes the ritual all that more enjoyable - so making sure you know how to store mugs to keep them safe and easily accessible will soon level up your morning routine.  

Kitchen storage ideas are vital for making sure your crockery has a home. Not only will this avoid any chips or worse, full breakages, but it will also help you to navigate the space effortlessly. Plus, there's very little more satisfying than a clean and tidy kitchen to relax in for an afternoon tea break. 

It's likely your mug storage goes as far as a dedicated cupboard, but according to professional organisers, there are correct ways to store mugs that might counteract your current solution...

How to store mugs

Many of us have small kitchens where it's not feasible to have extensive, dedicated storage for each type of crockery, So, we asked professional organisers their most recommended methods for ensuring that mugs have a special spot within a compact space and remain easy to grab early in the morning.

There's an important first step before you start organising though, as Amanda Biggs, APDO's membership director, and founder of Professionally Organised recommends. 

'Mugs are one of the items that multiply - people buy them for us, we collect them from holidays or Christmas markets and we often have far more than we need. Go through your mugs and declutter and donate any you don’t need,' she urges. 

1. Use a drawer

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Drawers vs cupboards is an age-old kitchen renovation debate, and if you're firmly in the former camp then utilise this space for mugs. 

Being able to pull out a deep drawer and see your mug collection will ensure that there's no favouritism with choosing whatever is at the front. You get a birds-eye view of a variety of mugs so each can have their turn. 

If the drawer is particularly vast, you might want to add some organisation into it so the mugs don't get lost. 'If you are storing mugs in a drawer, opt for designs which allow you to stack the mugs on top of each other,' Victoria Fearnley, APDO member and founder of Surrey Decluttering. We also love the idea of adding a liner like this one from Amazon so there's grip at the bottom of the drawer. 

2. Keep it classic with cupboard storage

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A cupboard above where your kettle sits is a common spot to store mugs, but how do you make sure you're using it to your advantage? 

If your cupboard is particularly deep, it might be helpful to find a long, slim container that you can easily pull out to store & see all your mugs,' says Victoria Fearnley. 

Susie Smart, APDO member and founder of Smart Organising adds, 'From a practical point of view, mugs in cupboards will stay cleaner longer, particularly if they are stored rim down. Mugs left out may gather dust or splashes, so make sure they all get a wash and flat surfaces get a regular wipe, to keep it all looking good.'

'And if mugs in cupboards do get dusty, that may well be a sign they are no-one’s favourite and it may be time to let them go.'

3. Try a hanging rack

Smile Kitcehns kitchen coffee station

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If you have a particularly aesthetically pleasing mug collection, opting for a hanging rack will make sure they're seen. Plus, it's a clever way of getting clutter off your surfaces.  

'Prefer to see what you have got? Open shelving, racks and mug trees are for you. Choose the mugs that are most visually appealing to you, so you enjoy seeing what you have each time you go in the kitchen. Some people will prefer matching sets; some will like a more eclectic look,' adds Susie. 

4. Display in a cabinet

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Chic glass-fronted cabinets are a popular choice in kitchen designs as they allow you to showcase your favourite pieces of kitchenware while still keeping them organised. 

You can keep it simple with a singular glass-fronted cabinet or go bold with a double-door pantry-style cupboard where mugs can sit stylishly alongside cookbooks and seasonal crockery that deserves to be on display. 

If you're worried about it looking too cluttered, opt for reeded glass to add texture and an element of mystery. 

5. Create a coffee station

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Forget spending money on overpriced lattes, creating a cafe culture at home has never been easier with a coffee station that will keep your mugs organised and your kettle ready for boiling. 

'If you are frequently making yourself hot drinks during the day, a tray with all your necessities, including your favourite mug, could be your answer,' says Susie. 'Stored near the kettle, it will be an efficient and attractive beverage station if it also holds your tea, coffee and some spoons. A quick rinse of the finished mug and you are ready to go again. Pop it in a proper wash at the end of the day.'


What's the best way to store mugs in a cupboard?

'Keep your favourites nearby and put the spares or mugs for visitors slightly further away, on a higher shelf or at the back,' advises Susie. 

Cupboards are incredibly convenient and offer plenty of space for mugs, but organising mugs within the space does require a bit more consideration so that you're not just using the ones placed at the front.  

Susie adds, 'Create more room by adding risers within cupboards. These can double the storage space. Or add sliding rails with hooks under the bottom shelf of a wall cupboard so you can see what you have. Both these options are cheap, changeable and renter-friendly.'

Do you need to clear out some your lesser-used mugs? Declutter, get organising and then enjoy a mug of something warm...

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