Lioness footballer Millie Bright champions this sleek kitchen trend that will never go out of style

This modern kitchen trend is coming home

Millie Bright stood in Howdens dove grey kitchen.
(Image credit: Howdens)

Creating the perfect kitchen for modern living must take a few things into consideration, and Lioness footballer Millie Bright knew her cooking space had to be sleek and functional. Oh, and with a dedicated spot for her dog of course.  

As a professional sportsperson who was part of the winning team at the women’s UEFA Women's Euro 2022 tournament, Millie's downtime is incredibly crucial. So, she teamed up with Howdens to create a contemporary kitchen that would make daily life simple. 

She set her sights on scoring a Shaker kitchen idea fit with a modern twist, to add character to her new-build home while sticking to a classic look. With the help of Howdens, she achieved an on-trend kitchen fit with an abundance of nifty features. Here's how she got the look. 

Howden's Chilcomb dove-grey kitchen with black hardware.

(Image credit: Howdens)

Millie Bright's kitchen

New build homes can be tricky to add character to, but Shaker is a popular choice for those wanting to inject a touch of classic style into their kitchen. Shaker doesn't necessarily mean traditional either; the nostalgia of the design is gaining popularity in younger generations but it's been updated to suit current trends, just like in Millie's space. 

After opting for Howden's Chilcomb range in dove-grey, she set to working with designers to add innovative storage and the perfect finishing touches.

1. A winning coffee set-up

Light grey modern shaker kitchen with coffee station.

(Image credit: Howdens)

Early morning training sessions mean that coffee is essential, so Millie set to create a dedicated station in her new kitchen. 

The best coffee bar ideas include a roomy area to house your machine of choice and space to store beans, pods and sugar. Not only does Millie's coffee station tuck nicely into the corner of her kitchen, but it also creates a stylish open shelving concept, acting as decor too. 

2. A spot for her side kick

Light grey shaker kitchen with drawer for dog food.

(Image credit: Howdens)

When designing a kitchen it's essential to think of the whole family – pets included. Millie's dog needed a space to relax, nap, and most importantly eat, so her kitchen designer factored this into the layout. 

Built-in bins are a great way of creating pet food storage, as you can keep a scoop in there for easy access come dinner time. It also makes it simple to refill as you can pour straight into the container. What's better is that it's not on show – tucked behind the Chilcomb cupboard you wouldn't even know it's there. 

3. Cleverly optimised storage

Howdens dove-grey kitchen with under sink drawer.

(Image credit: Howdens)

A busy schedule means that Millie's kitchen needed to be easy to navigate and cleverly optimised with plenty of storage. This is essential for a small new-build kitchen too where every inch of space counts. 

Howden's included an under-sink drawer which is ideal for storing cleaning products such as extra bottles of dish soap and cloths. Not only is it easily accessible when washing up but it's also a nifty kitchen storage idea which makes use of an otherwise unused area.

4. Tucked away appliances

Howdens kitchen in dove grey with washing machine behind cupboard door.

(Image credit: Howdens)

Without space to include a separate utility room idea, it was important for Millie to include a spot for a washing machine without it overwhelming the design. Tucking a large appliance behind a cupboard is a great way to streamline the look while keeping it in a central location. 

Situated in the corner of her kitchen, it creates a zone dedicated to laundry and means it doesn't interfere with the cooking area. 

5. Contrasting black hardware

Howdens Chilcomb dove-grey shaker cupboard door with knurled black handle.

(Image credit: Howdens)

Cabinet hardware is the perfect place to make the most of the latest kitchen trends, as it's more affordable, and subtle, yet still has a big impact. Millie chose black handles to contrast the dove-grey cabinets, modernising the Shaker style and adding a contemporary touch to reflect her property. 

The knurled effect of the bar handles also adds an industrial element to the design to toughen up the classic look. 

It's safe to say Millie has achieved a winning kitchen design that embodies both style and sheer functionality. Now it's time to take a shot at achieving the look for yourself. 

Holly Cockburn
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