Looking for a Ninja air fryer dupe? We've found all the alternatives you need

Save these Ninja air fryer dupes to your wishlist ahead of Black Friday

Image of Salter Dual Zone air fryer, which is a Ninja air fryer dupe
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Been debating buying an air fryer for a while, but keep finding the Ninja model you want is out of stock? When it comes to shopping for the best air fryers from the brand, forward-thinking and checking out fast is essential.

This week, Amazon's exclusive launch of the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer sold out in just over a day, with the double compartment design and lower price for a larger capacity (9.6 litres compared to 7.5 litres for just £249.99), proving a hit with buyers. It's now back in stock at Amazon, but we're sure it won't be around for long. 

If you're not quick enough, or would prefer to spend a bit less, we've rounded up Ninja air fryer dupes, including comparisons for the smaller 3 litre model, so that you can still join in on the air fryer hype.

Ninja airfryer on worktop

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Ninja air fryer dupes to watch 

Brands such as Instant, Salter, Tower and COSORI all have worthy substitutes for Ninja models, with our Head of Reviews and air fryer expert Millie Fender, even arguing that brands like Instant should be receiving the same hype as Ninja for air fryers.

Millie Fender
Millie Fender

Millie is the Head of Reviews for Ideal Home, working to ensure that the products we feature have been thoroughly tested before we recommend them to you. Previously Small Appliance and Cookware Editor, she remains our go-to expert for all things air fryer related. She's constantly reviewing the latest and greatest kitchen appliances, and has tested the large majority of air fryers on the market. 

'I've tried four Ninja air fryers, including the cheapest AF100UK and the Dual Zone MAX. They're top air fryers, especially for cooking at very high temperatures as they go up to 240 degrees, but they're not uniquely brilliant.' 

Millie adds that she 'really liked the Philips Essential air fryer for smaller kitchens, and it created some of the crispiest chips I've ever made in an air fryer.' She adds that 'COSORI is also an often-overlooked brand, probably because it's exclusive to Amazon. I've tried a number of their air fryers, and they always deliver on value-for-money. Their most expensive model will set you back a fraction of the price of Ninja's cheapest option, and in my opinion, they're just as good.'

Ninja dual zone dupes 

Many shoppers are searching for a dupe of a very particular Ninja model: the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer. With the Ninja out of stock, resale prices of this air fryer have been growing higher and higher, even on Amazon.

If you can't stretch to £300, we'd recommend browsing other dual-zone air fryers to see what's still available out there. Millie suggests that in actual fact 'the OG dual zone is probably the Tefal ActiFry. It has a self-stirring function I've not seen anywhere else, which makes it brilliant for chips, fried rice, or even something with a sauce.'

'On the top layer you can grill chicken or cook bacon, too. It has a bit more of a learning curve than most air fryers, but it's one of the only models on the market that offers two cooking compartments - and it's currently in stock.'

Another great dupe is the Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer, which sells for just £159 at Currys. We're in the process of trying it out at Ideal Home and can vouch for its spacious, energy-saving design.

Molly Cleary
Kitchen Appliances Editor

Molly is Ideal Home’s Kitchen Appliances Editor and an all-around baking and cooking enthusiast. She joined the team in September 2022 as an Ecommerce Editor after working across Real Homes, Homes & Gardens and Livingetc. She's been reviewing products for 4 years and now specialises in weighing up kitchen essentials' pros and cons, from air fryers to bean-to-cup coffee machines. 

She's always been a keen reader, so after graduating from the University of Exeter in 2020 she was thrilled to find a way to write as a full-time job. Nowadays, she spends her days at home or the Ideal Home test facility trying out new kitchen innovations to see if they’re worth a space on your worktop. Her most beloved and hard-working appliance is her Sage coffee machine though she also takes the title of Ideal Home’s in-house air fryer expert after writing about them religiously over the past few years.

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