A first look at the new Ninja Sizzle indoor grill – Pancake Day just got an upgrade

The Ninja Sizzle is complete with a grill plate and a flat plate, all for less than £150

The Ninja Sizzle indoor grill on a pink background
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There's another new Ninja product on the block to get excited about – introducing the Ninja Sizzle, which is a low-smoke indoor grill. 

Confused about why the brand behind the best air fryers is bringing out an indoor grill? That's probably because we don't often use them here in the UK, favouring instead using one of the best BBQs outside, when we can.

Across the pond in the US, however, they're a big deal, and the Sizzle in particular looks to be offering up a fair bit of versatility for a price tag of just £149.99 at Ninja. We're excited to see if this might just be the thing to level up our kitchens, especially when it comes to breakfast time. Our full Ninja Sizzle review now has the full details, or you can keep reading to see what you can cook up with this new kitchen must have. 

The new Ninja Sizzle indoor grill 

NinjaSizzle Indoor Grill & Flat Plate GR101UK |

Ninja Sizzle Indoor Grill & Flat Plate GR101UK |£149.99 at Ninja 

Ninja's new kitchen must-have features a grill plate, flat plate and a detachable mesh lid, so that you can bring a little taste of summer into your kitchen.

Let's start from the top. What does an indoor grill do? In essence, they allow you to get that chargrilled taste without needing to step foot outdoors, which is likely welcome news in the grips of winter. 

This particular offering from Ninja, the Sizzle, can do even more than that too. It comes with two interchangeable non-stick plates, and while one is tailor-made for grilling the other is a Flat Plate, which allows you to sear and saute all in one space, like you often see in professional kitchens.

The non-stick grill plate looks to be perfect for chicken, beef, and other meats that you want a chargrilled smoke on, while the flat plate can bring together a full English breakfast or a fajita spread (we're talking chicken, onions and peppers) with room to spare. 

The Ninja Sizzle indoor grill surrounded by food cooked on the flat plate

(Image credit: Ninja)

Intrigued? Us too, especially since this grill can reach temperatures of up to 260°C on your worktop, meaning that your scope for cooking indoors might be about to change forever. 

It's family-sized, with space for six burgers, pancakes or chicken breasts at a time. The non-stick flat plates also mean you shouldn't have to use lots, or any oil to achieve the flavours you want. 

We're especially interested in the prospect of using it as a teppanyaki grill too, which is an interactive type of cooking from Japan that's currently big in the US at home, too.

The new indoor grill from Ninja on countertop

(Image credit: Ninja)

The last indoor grill released by Ninja was the very popular Ninja Foodi Health Grill & Air Fryer AG301UK, which our Print Editor Ginerva Benedetti cites as her most-used kitchen appliance ever. 

But with an RRP of £219.99 from Ninja, the new flat-plate Ninja Sizzle at £150.00 is just a fraction of the price, though you do lose out on the air fryer element. 

What can you cook with the Ninja Sizzle indoor grill?

The promotional images for this grill show it being used to cook a hefty family breakfast all at once, with eggs, bacon and pancakes all on one plate. The description also claims that you can squeeze six fish fillets or two blocks of halloumi on at a time too, which is no small feat. 

The Ninja Instagram account also revealed the new product by showing off its skills in making a full English breakfast, with fans in the comments desperate to get their hands on this new release.

The Ninja Sizzle has already been out in the US for some time, and reviews of it comment on how versatile it is due to the huge temperature range, with users saying that steak and pancakes are the perfect starting point for experimentation. 

The ease of cleaning the non-stick grill plates also has American users won over, from the look of user reviews.

We think that if you've already got one of the best dual zone air fryers, and you like the look of that sumptuous breakfast cooking on the flat plate, this should be next on your Ninja wishlist. And of course, we're scrambling to line one up in our test kitchen to let you know just how it performs. 

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