Cashmere kitchens are the new trend to bring warmth and luxury to your space

Take inspiration from this exciting new trend - cashmere kitchen ideas will give any kitchen an elegant lift

kitchen with cashmere cabinets, potted plants and wooden shelves
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No matter the size or style of your kitchen, cashmere kitchen ideas are the new colour kitchen trend that your space needs. 

Choosing the right kitchen colour scheme is a challenging choice that impacts the feel and overall look of your space. Using cashmere in the kitchen is a rising trend because it is a versatile neutral colour that will make this room shine, no matter if it is a small galley kitchen or a large kitchen diner.  

A cashmere kitchen is a warm, neutral colour with a white/grey base and reddish tone that can come in light and darker shades. This versatile soft greige colour will suit traditional rustic kitchens and contemporary modern kitchen ideas

Different shades of cashmere can be used to add depth to your kitchen and gloss or matt can be used to highlight specific features.

Cashmere kitchen ideas

'Cashmere is the latest interior style being widely discussed as a way to ‘glow-up’ your kitchen and is gathering plenty of attention. The trend is being pushed significantly online via such social platforms as TikTok and Pinterest. The hashtag #cashmerekitchen has received a total of 100.9K TikTok views and counting,' says Nick Drewe, trends expert at online discounts platform Wethrift.

Richard Davonport, managing director at Davonport Kitchens says, ‘Cashmere is a great choice as a colour for a kitchen as it is centred in evoking softness and warmth to a space. It is not overpowering or too striking, plus it offers a sense of comfort and familiarity that will make a room feel like home. 

'The cashmere shade is a great alternative for homeowners who do not wish to have a harsh white or dull brown kitchen – tones which are at either end of the colour scale in which cashmere sits.’ 

If you're tempted by these warm trend, here are our favourite kitchen ideas to add into your home.

1. Include a matt cashmere finish

kitchen with exposed brick wall, cashmere cabinets, wooden table and wooden stools

(Image credit: Mereway Kitchens)

Cashmere looks great in a matt finish because instead of reflecting the light it absorbs it. This is ideal for pale colours because it doesn’t show up smudges and fingerprints as obviously as gloss finishes. 

Matt cashmere will add a velvety texture to your kitchen, but works best in larger open-plan kitchens with lots of natural light. Matt kitchen cabinet ideas work well because the surfaces look smooth and uniform with a solid depth of colour. 

Having matt cabinets allows you to go bold with other kitchen features such as a  patterned splashback or dark kitchen island ideas. The light in a kitchen can vary greatly throughout the day which can change the colours within your kitchen. Matt cashmere will always have a consistent colour so will look good day and night. 

2. Embrace cashmere with a shaker style kitchen

kitchen with cashmere cabinets, wooden flooring, wood and grey stools and white and wooden island

(Image credit: Mereway Kitchens)

A traditional shaker kitchen is all about simplicity and a classic timeless design with clean lines. This works well with cashmere kitchen ideas which are all about sophistication and elegance. 

Cashmere kitchen ideas stop shaker kitchen ideas from looking dated which can happen with stark neutral colours, but cashmere is known for its warmth. The cashmere colour allows the detailed handcrafted wooden cabinetry to shine.

Nick Drewe from Wethrift says, ‘One of the main benefits and key reasons that cashmere kitchens are growing in popularity, both on and offline, is due to its neutrality. Cashmere kitchens provide a contemporary and neutral look, offering an alternative to harsh, white units, which may feel dated.’ 

3. Go for a gloss cashmere kitchen

kitchen with grey floor tiles and wall tiles, dark grey wall with gallery wall and cashmere cabinets

(Image credit: Benchmarx Kitchens)

For small kitchen ideas, a gloss cashmere kitchen will make the most of the space you have and give the appearance of a larger kitchen. Gloss cashmere kitchen cabinets will reflect the light within the space and give a modern spin to your kitchen. 

A high gloss is an easy way to elevate a tired kitchen, and can be combined with cleverly placed mirrors to make the space look large if you’re low on natural light. 

For a high gloss finish surfaces are coated with lacquer, acetate or acrylic. Lacquer makes surfaces waterproof so it is harder for dirt and grime to stick to a high-gloss cashmere kitchen island making it easier to clean. If you decide to use  this style on your kitchen cabinets make it the upper cabinets which are out of reach from pets and children’s sticky fingers.  

4. Mix cashmere with pink and purple shades

kitchen with cashmere cabinets, purple island, wooden stools and pendant lights

(Image credit: LochAnna)

Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux recommends, 'The softest pink like Potters Pink or Blush Pink if you want a gentle soothing energy to the heart of your home.' 

Your kitchen should be a calming oasis so partnering pinks and purples with cashmere will fill your room with warm complimentary tones. These two colours also work well together because they are both evenly balanced with neither colour overpowering the other. 

Experiment with the trend with a deep pink kitchen island as a pop of colour in the center of the room and cashmere kitchen cabinets surrounding it. 

5. Mix cashmere with greens

Kitchen with forest green cabinet unit, cashmere cabinets, wooden stools and shelving and a cashmere kitchen island

(Image credit: LochAnna)

‘Try soft earthy greens like Dulux Heritage Veranda Green or Overtly Olive if you like to feel relaxed and in tune with the great outdoors,’ says Marianne Shillingford from Dulux. 

For a stronger contrast pair forest green kitchen ideas with cashmere for a balanced kitchen that is not too dark. The cashmere softens and provides relief from the dark colour which is important if you have a small kitchen and need as much light reflected as possible. 

6. Make your splashback cashmere

kitchen with cashmere cabinets, potted plants and wooden shelves

(Image credit: The Main Company/Nadia Ahmed)

If you’re nervous to transform your entire kitchen into a cashmere oasis, start small and use a cashmere splashback. A cashmere splashback is anything but boring and experiment with your splashback ideas with the shape and size.

‘Add points of interest to an otherwise neutral décor by selecting an interesting tile shape, such as a hexagonal tile, or a scalloped or fan-shaped tile, in a warm or neutral colour or consider taking a metro or subway style tile and laying it in an interesting way,' says Harriet Goodacre, communications manager at Topps Tiles.

'For example, block herringbone or stepladder laying patterns will create unique points of difference that’s both modern and subtle.' 

For a seamless finish in your cashmere kitchen ideas choose one large continuous tile or use multiple cashmere tiles of varying shades for added depth and detail. To make the room look taller don’t stop your splashback tiling at your shelf, keep tiling above the shelf for an interesting finish.

7. Choose a cashmere worktop

kitchen with wooden flooring, cashmere island and worktop and grey stools

(Image credit: Mereway Kitchens & Bathrooms)

When considering how to design a kitchen the colour of your worktop ideas can set the tone for the rest of the room. A cashmere splashback can be used to contrast with darker cabinets or be part of a wider neutral colour scheme. 

Karl Mok a design expert and consultant loves the classic nature of cashmere. ‘I find that a cashmere kitchen is a good choice for homeowners who want a timeless and sophisticated look that is perfect for entertaining, with the warm and muted tone creating a relaxing atmosphere that sets the tone for a comfortable and inviting space. 

'Cashmere also makes it easy to incorporate various design elements and accents, making it the perfect choice for those who like to mix things up without having to commit to a larger renovation.’

8. Choose complimentary cabinet handles

kitchen with pendant lights, cashmere cabinets with gold handles, grey stools and wooden flooring

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Choosing cashmere kitchen cabinets as your kitchen storage idea will require handles that are a good match. Champagne bronze is a warm metallic colour that works well with the undertones found in cashmere and will add a cosy glow to your cabinets. 

For a more modern twist choose black hardware for a timeless combination that will give you a striking contrast. Gold handles will instantly make your cashmere cabinets look more expensive and fancy, elevating your budget kitchen ideas

For a cohesive one-tone look, choose handles in the same shade of cashmere as your cabinets. Whatever your preference, it's a good idea to try and save a bit of your budget here with tricks such as home decor discount codes.

10. Match it with wooden flooring

kitchen with cashmere cupboards and cabinets with ceramic vases and pots

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

‘Due to the light and warm tones, cashmere units will stand against dark walls, making a kitchen feel brighter, but can also work well in complementing lightly coloured kitchen walls. The light colours will also make a small or dingy kitchen appear bigger and brighter,’ says Nick Drewe from Wethrift.

Cashmere is a light colour that will make a kitchen look bigger without being bland or sterile. High gloss cashmere kitchen ideas will take it up a notch and reflect natural sunlight and artificial light to give the appearance of a brighter and bigger kitchen. Include lots of different kitchen lighting ideas to reflect against your cashmere kitchen ideas, such as under cabinet lighting, wall lights and table lamps.

10. Match it with wooden flooring

kitchen with cashmere cabinets, wooden flooring, glass pendant lighting and teal and white island

(Image credit: LochAnna)

Wood is a great option for your kitchen flooring ideas due to its warmth, natural beauty and durability. The warmth of a wooden floor works well and only adds to the warmth of cashmere kitchen ideas. Combining cashmere and wooden flooring will immediately soften your kitchen and make it feel like a cosy oasis. 

The most common types of wood flooring are solid wood, engineered wood and reclaimed wood. A benefit of solid wood is that it can be sanded down and finished in a different tone, so can even be finished in a cashmere tone. Hardwood such as oak, maple or cherry is a durable versatile wood and reclaimed wood is more expensive but is a great sustainable option. 

What colour goes with a cashmere kitchen?

Due to the neutral colour of cashmere, it is a shade that goes with light and dark colours and will work well alone or with bolder colours. If you want to keep a cohesive neutral colour scheme choose colours with similar undertones such as earthy browns, rich reds and classic beige. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are the perfect opportunity to experiment with mixing cashmere with different colours to create a striking kitchen focal point. 

‘Cashmere is a mid-tone hue that can look particularly striking when teamed with accents in rich hues such as fuchsia or navy,’ advises Mark Mills, managing director at Mereway Kitchens

'Add an industrial edge through oaked woods and mixed metallic fittings, but keep worksurfaces light so the finish is airy. Alternatively, keep the look cool with greys and natural woods.'

Is a cashmere kitchen a good kitchen colour choice?

Cashmere kitchen ideas are timeless colours that offer a neutral yet eye-catching base to your kitchen while adding a luxury feel to the room. If your kitchen backs onto a garden then bring the inside in by mixing cashmere with natural materials. 

‘Cashmere looks particularly good when paired with raw materials such as reclaimed wood, exposed brick and stone, resulting in a truly unique look that embraces a connection to nature,’ says Alex Main, director at The Main Company

'A cashmere kitchen is a great kitchen colour choice that will never go out of style. It embraces a classic and elegant feel without feeling overdone,' says Joanne Quinn lead Interior designer at LuxDeco Studio.

However, cashmere is a light colour so will show dirt and wear and tear more easily than dark colours, so keep a regular cleaning schedule to keep your kitchen looking fresh.

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