5 stylish storage ideas for kitchens

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  • These simple storage solutions for kitchens are beautiful as well as useful

    Is your kitchen hiding beneath piles of clutter? Transform it back into the practical space it once was by giving all that clutter a home elsewhere. These canny storage ideas will ensure the decks are clear for food prep, so you can merrily roll out puff pastry or spiralize courgettes without battling bottles and jars for space.

    1. This flexible wall system
    The wooden peg rail is back! This large design comes with a range of shelf and peg options, so you can create your own storage system, and adapt it, to suit your needs. Use it to store your best mugs within easy reach of the kettle and to hang up everyday essentials – think chopping boards and cotton shopping bags.

    Peg-it-all wall-mounted storage panel, £165, Kreis Design

    2. These adaptable metal rails Free up worktop space by hanging clutter – be it kitchen roll, utensil pots or herb planters – on these neat wall-hung rails. You’ll have more space to prepare meals, plus a chic, industrial-style feature to add interest to a bare wall. So simple and so effective.

    Fintorp rails, from £6 for L57cm, Ikea

    3. These clever cupboard sorters Keep recycling in check by sorting newspapers from glass bottles and food waste in these deep drawer dividers. They’re ideal for lifting out of the cupboard and taking to the outdoor bins when they’re full.

    Variera waste-sorting bins, from £5, Ikea

    4. This beautiful trolley
    Who knew storage could look so good?! This mobile island will give a pared-back kitchen a cool, Scandi vibe. If you have too many jars, bowls and cannisters to fit in the kitchen cupboards, pick out your favourites and put them on show on the shelves of this smart unit.

    Kitchen trolley shelves, £400, House Junkie

    5. This magical cupboard organiser
    Who has an undersink cupboard this tidy?? Well, it seems keeping cleaning kit in order is easier than we realised – we’ve just been storing it the wrong way all this time! Instead of cramming in as many bottles and wash cloths as possible, the trick is to fix a tension rod across the width of the cupboard to hang up a selection of bottles. All the cloths, scourers, brushes and polishes can then go in a neat row of small baskets underneath. Is anyone else’s mind blown?

    Tension rods, from £3.30 for a 60cm length, Wilko

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