Aldi is selling unicorn and elephant shaped children’s stools perfect for kid’s rooms

Spark your little ones imagination
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  • This has been a tough six months for children stuck at home. So why not treat them to a bedroom revamp, starting with these adorable new Aldi children’s stools.

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    Aldi’s latest special buys are set to drop on Sunday 16th August. And it is bursting with accessories to brighten up your kid’s bedroom.

    However, our personal favourite buy are the animal-shaped stools. Priced at just £17.99 these will add an extra special touch to a children’s room.

    Aldi children’s stools

    aldi children's stool 1

    Ignite your little one’s imagination with one of the three designs. You can opt for a beige suede unicorn with a tuft of fluffy pink mane and a gold horn.

    Pre-order: Unicorn shaped stool, £17.99, Aldi

    If your child is a wildlife fan, the elephant stool might be more up their street. Made out of brown suede, the elephant is complete with flapping ears, trunk and two little white tusks.


    You can also pick up a stool in the shape of a dinosaur. Perfect for any would-be palaeontologists or Jurassic Park fans.

    Aldi children's stool 2

    Each stool is made out of faux suede with sturdy wooden legs. The main part of the stool is just like any other, comfortable and sturdy to sit on.

    Pre-order: Dinosaur shaped stool, £17.99, Aldi

    The unicorn, elephant or dinosaur heads are attached to the front. Transforming the stools from something ordinary to a place for countless imaginary adventures.

    Aldi children's stool 3

    This stool can take your child can go from learning to tie their shoelaces, to imagining riding an elephant through sub-Saharan Africa in a matter of minutes. Or trekking across pre-historic Britain astride a dinosaur.

    Pre-order: Elephant shaped stool, £17.99, Aldi

    Each stool has a three-year warranty and can be wiped clean in case of any messy mishaps. The stools are currently available to pre-order online and will be available in stores from Sunday 16th August. However, you’ll need to act fast. These stools are selling fast.

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    As with all Aldi special buys, once they’re gone, they’re gone. This is a treat you won’t want to pass up.

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