10 children's bedroom furniture ideas for a stylish yet practical kid's room

We've rounded up the children's bedroom furniture ideas that will see your little one from toddler to teen, including where to shop the best children's bedroom furniture

A childrens bedroom with a wooden bunk bed, wooden toy box and wooden skittles and toy train track in shot
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Children's bedroom furniture ideas are the key to creating a kid's bedroom that's practical and functional, as well as making it a fun and creative space for a child to play and learn.

After all, a children's room needs to fulfil a lot of criteria, providing a restful area for sleep, a safe space for play, and somewhere to store clothes and, of course, toys! That's why choosing the right kid's bedroom furniture is vital to making this space work well for both children and parents.

This is even more important if you're working with a small kids bedroom, where any furniture choices need to work extra hard to earn their place.

10 children's bedroom furniture ideas

To make sure you're investing in furniture that will really perform in a kid's bedroom – whether that's a toddler's or a teenager's bedroom – we've asked multiple children's furniture experts for their advice on the essentials you should be considering when furnishing a kid's room.

We've also rounded up the best places to shop children's furniture below.

1. Choose a transitional bed

A childrens bedroom with a wooden bunk bed, wooden toy box and wooden skittles and toy train track in shot

(Image credit: David Brittain)

A bed is obviously going to be a key piece of furniture in any bedroom, but when you're thinking about childrens bed ideas, there are a few additional factors to consider.

'A good first bed for children transitioning from a cot or a toddler bed should prioritize safety, comfort, and design', says Alex Tolofson of children's furniture retailer Nöa & Nani. 'Ideally you want a bed with a low profile, ensuring that it is close to the ground to minimize the risk of falls and to allow children to get in and out of bed independently, and selecting a design that appeals to kids can make the transition exciting'.

If you need to factor a shared bedroom into your furniture choices, then 'low midsleeper bunk beds combine the fun and space-saving benefits of traditional bunk beds with enhanced safety' says Alex. 'Being closer to the ground reduces the risk of injury from falls, making them a safer option for younger children. Additionally, the lower height makes it easier for kids to climb in and out of bed, fostering independence and confidence'. We love the Tuva Cabin Bed with Bunk Underbed, £280 from Nöa & Nani.

2. Think storage, storage, storage

A childrens bedroom with navy blue walls, a white wardrobe, white storage furniture and bookshelves holding colourful books

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Whether your working with a small children's bedroom, or have more space to play with, you can never, ever, have too much storage in a kid's bedroom as far as we're concerned – whether that's wardrobe space or toy storage ideas.

'Good storage is a great investment for any nursery or child’s bedroom as it allows you to maintain an element of organisation in what can be quite a busy space', agrees Lisa Coppin, Chief Creative Officer at The Cotswold Company.

Think a wardrobe, chest of drawers, and a storage box that can hide a multitude of sins – from extra bedding to toys, toys, and more toys – like this SMÅSTAD Bench with toy storage from £85 at IKEA.

3. Make sure toys are in easy reach with scaled down shelves

A white storage bookcase in a childrens bedroom with a beige wall

(Image credit: La Redoute)

However, whilst you'll definitely want storage to stash away lesser used items, toys or books that your child plays with frequently are sometimes better stored within easy reach.

'Effective storage solutions are crucial for maintaining order and fostering a sense of responsibility, holding everything from toys, clothes, and stationary supplies, making it easier for children to find what they need and tidy up after themselves', explains Sarah Link, marketing director, at La Redoute.

The Sueno Child's Bookcase, £155, at La Redoute is a great option for displaying books and toys somewhere easily accessible but off the floor.

4. Add a desk or table for activities

A grey kids desk and matching stool with art supplies on top of the desk

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you have the space, then as Sarah continues to explain, 'incorporating tables and desks can significantly enhance children’s study habits and creative activity, providing a dedicated space for homework and reading'.

If space is at a premium then look for a table or desk with a narrow depth that can be pushed back against a wall and a chair or stool that can be tucked underneath.

For little ones, we love the Kids Maisy Desk and Stool Set, £55, from Dunelm which comes in four colourways and is the perfect spot for drawing and colouring in.

5. Look for multifunctional furniture

A terracotta pink storage bed in a kids bedroom with a teal blue panelled wall

(Image credit: La Redoute)

If you're furnishing a small kid's bedroom then space-saving or multifunctional furniture is key.

Look for a bed with hidden storage, or storage boxes with padded tops that can double as somewhere for your child to sit and read.

'Consider versatile furniture with built in drawers or shelves like the Roxana Mid Height Platform Bed, £575, at La Redoute to create a clutter-free environment that promotes better focus and relaxation' suggests La Redoute's Sarah Link.

6. Consider furniture placement

A childrens bedroom with a white bookcase and low profile white bed with a cushion that reads 'girls only in this area'.

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As well as the furniture itself, it's just as important to consider its placement. 'Start by positioning the bed in a corner or against a wall to maximize floor space for play' advises Alex Tolofson of Nöa & Nani.

'Allocate a dedicated play area, ideally on a soft rug, away from high-traffic zones to minimise accidents' he continues, 'and arrange storage solutions like chest of drawers, bookshelves, and toy chests along the walls to keep the centre of the room open'.

'Keep surfaces clear and floor level clutter to a minimum making the space easy to clean', agrees Lisa Coppin of The Cotswold Company.

7. Think longterm

A white desk and pin board in a green kids bedroom

(Image credit: IKEA)

When considering which children's bedroom furniture ideas you want to incorporate into your child's bedroom, you'll also want to consider how the room will need to change as your little one gradually becomes not-so-little.

This means you can invest in furniture that offers longevity and will adapt as your child grows, rather than replacing a whole kid's bedroom furniture set when your toddler becomes a tween, and when you eventually need to consider bedroom ideas for a young adult (sob!).

'When choosing the right desk or table, consider factors such as the child’s age, size of the room and the furniture’s design. Adjustable desks that grow with the child, ample storage options and a style that suits the home interior are essential for functionality and aesthetic' suggests Sarah from La Redoute.

8. Don't forget wall furniture

A white wooden bookshelf styled with various childrens toys

(Image credit: Cotswold Company)

If space is at a premium then don't forget you can also utilise the walls for extra storage space.

'Storage solutions like toy chests, bookshelves, and multi-functional furniture can help keep the room organized and clutter-free' says Alex from Nöa & Nani. And, anything that helps with decluttering a kids bedroom is good news in our book!

Adding shelves provides useful extra storage for books and smaller items, and also provides kids with somewhere to display their favourite toys. We love the practical yet stylish Chester Bookshelves, £99, at The Cotswold Company.

9. Add a pop of colour

A bright pink locker next to a bed with a lilac duvet and mustard throw

(Image credit: Mustard Made)

Unexpected colour combinations bring a sense of fun, creativity and playfulness to a children's bedroom, and can also inspire your little one's imagination.

Becca Stern, Co-Founder and Creative Director of furniture manufacturer Mustard Made says 'If you want to add a unique touch of personality to your kids room, why not try something a little surprising? Unexpected colour combinations give off fresh, playful, energising vibes'.

When incorporating furniture into colourful childrens bedroom ideas, just make sure to consider longevity. Sticking to smaller pieces of furniture, such as The Shorty £139 at Mustard Made, means items can be more easily swapped in and out of a room if and when your kid's tastes change.

10. Add the finishing touch with accessories

A childrens bedroom with pink walls and a pink metal bedframe

(Image credit: IKEA)

Once you have the basics in place, and a bed and storage furniture sorted, then you can go about adding the finishing touches to the room.

'To inject a sense of fun, style the space with colourful accessories, like table lamps and cushions', says Shelley Cochrane, Accessories Buyer at Furniture Village. 'These smaller pieces can be easily switched out or updated as your child grows up and their tastes evolve'.

Where to shop children's bedroom furniture

How to choose children's bedroom furniture

As Sarah from La Redoute says, 'Creating an ideal child’s bedroom environment involves a thoughtful balance of functionality, safety, and creativity. By choosing well-designed and durable furniture, you can craft a space that supports your kid’s development while still reflecting their personality and providing a space they enjoy spending time in'.

'One essential factor that must be considered is safety' she continues, suggesting that when furnishing a childrens bedroom it's best to 'avoid furniture with sharp edges and instead opt for round corners allowing freedom for activity'.

Alex Tolofson from Nöa & Nani agrees, advising that it's best to prioritise safety 'by selecting furniture that is age appropriate and adheres to UK safety regulations'.

A childrens bedroom with a peach mountain graphic on the wall and a wooden bed, table and chairs and toy box

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It's also important to look for children's bedroom furniture that is hardwearing and durable. This isn't just for longevity, but also for safety reasons. As Sarah explains, 'selecting sturdy and well-constructed furniture is essential for safety, durability, and comfort. High-quality products which can withstand the wear and tear of daily use prevents frequent replacement and also potential injuries'.

With longevity in mind, it's also important to think about future-proofing the children's furniture you invest in. Thinking ahead to how your furniture will need to adapt as your child gets older means you won't be shelling out for new furniture when designs begin to feel too 'babyish' for a growing child. That also makes for more sustainable choices.

Alex of Nöa & Nani suggests 'choosing colours and themes that can easily adapt as your child grows, ensuring longevity'.

Shelley Cochrane of Furniture Village is also in favour, saying that children's bedroom furniture ideas 'should reflect your child’s personal style. Of course, the space needs to feel fun, imaginative and creative but it needs to offer longevity too, as their tastes will change as they grow up'.

A white childrens bedroom with two bookshelves displaying colourful children's books, a white chest of drawers, and a turquoise bed with a lion cushion on it

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Rex Isap, CEO and sleep expert at Happy Beds also suggests considering scale when you're thinking about children's bedroom furniture ideas, especially if you're furnishing a room for a toddler or younger child. He says, 'Children are often fearful of what could be hiding in or behind tall and long items in their room, such as a full-size wardrobe or floor-length curtains. Try swapping to a shorter wardrobe, curtains, or even blinds to prevent their imaginations from running wild'.

Lastly, Alex says 'involve your child in the selection process to incorporate their preferences and create a space they will love'.

Whether you're looking to furnish a girl's bedroom, boy's bedroom, or a gender neutral kid's bedroom, we think you'll agree that our experts have offered plenty of top tips to help create a chidren's bedroom that delivers on all fronts.

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