Zoe Sugg's playful yet equally elevated nursery embraces this stunning colour trend for 2024, say experts

It embraces this refreshing colour trend for 2024

Zoe Sugg
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We don't know about you, but Zoe Sugg was our 'it' girl back in the 2010s. Having played a huge role in defining the beauty and lifestyle area of YouTube with her much-anticipated Primark hauls and vlogs under the 'Zoella' name, she now takes to her socials to share snippets of family life as a mum of two.

Considering Zoe pioneered some of the most popular fashion trends back in the day, it will come as no surprise that her interior style is just as stylish, materialising as playful yet equally elevated nursery ideas. In a recent Instagram photo, she shared a snap of her nursery, adorned with beautiful floral wallpaper complete with a colour-drenched fireplace and shelving in a complementary light blue.

Despite the growing idea that neutral and minimalist nurseries like Molly Mae's are the favoured choice among newer parents, rest assured that colourful nursery ideas are still as alive as ever – and the YouTuber's beautiful nursery is a testament to that.

'Zoe has created a playful, colourful, and elevated nursery using a beautiful floral spring pattern and colour palette,' begins Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Lust Home. 'Pastels are a big trend for 2024 and Zoe has incorporated this colour palette through her use of blue throughout the room. The blue of the flowers perfectly matches the woodwork and fireplace, giving the room a cohesive feel.'

So, not only is blue at the top of the list as far as the latest paint trends go, but given the many colours that go with light blue, the possibilities for styling your interiors using this refreshing hue are endless. Not to mention, light blue also works a dream as the perfect calming colour to paint a nursery or for achieving a calming bedroom scheme.

White and blue painted childrens room with desk and toys displayed

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Better yet, going full colour-drenching mode by taking the light blue up to the fireplace, shelving, and even the cabinets we can see reflected in her mirror, Zoe has shown how even opting for a 'bolder' paint idea can still be achieved in a beautiful and pared-back way.

'By picking out one of the lesser colours in the wallpaper, Zoe has ensured that her child's bedroom is pretty and whimsical, though not so predictable or themed that the baby will grow out of it quickly,' adds interior designer Ann Marie Cousins, founder of AMC Design.

Chelsea even highlights Zoe's further use of accessories in a complementary palette, including a wooden rainbow ornament, stuffed toy, and even a playful bobbin mirror similar to the ones we've seen taking centre stage among the latest home decor trends. She explains that tying the room together as such makes the space feel 'fun yet considered'. It's all about the details, after all.

Chidrens room with shelving unit displaying assortment of home decor and hanging artwork

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If there's one thing Zoe's nursery design has made us sure of, it's that we'd always choose a characterful nursery over one lacking colour or interest any day. Just because gender-neutral nurseries and the like are growing in popularity doesn't automatically mean they have to live in the confines of beige alone.

'When choosing a theme for a nursery, it's important to pick a style that will grow with your child as they grow, whilst still being in keeping with the interior design throughout the rest of the home,' explains Chelsea. 'If you incorporate colour and pattern throughout other spaces in the home, why should your children's nursery or bedroom be any different?'

Childrens room with gold decorative accent deals, hanging artork and shelving, and array of coloured cushions

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So, instead of letting a neutral scheme define a nursey design, let go and experiment! Ann Marie concludes that 'by choosing a pretty, joyful scheme, the baby's toys and accessories can evolve in this pretty spring-like setting, rather than their books and toys jarring against too neutral and elegant a scheme'.

You can have your cake and eat it, too. Take Zoe's example as a nursery done well, with all parts pretty and equally elevated.

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