Cheers to the £59.99 countertop wine cooler at Aldi – back in stock now!

After all, where would we be without perfectly chilled wine in these times of need?
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  • Anyone else feel like they need a perfectly chilled wine, to take the edge off this whole coronavirus outbreak? This week you can pick up a compact 8-bottle wine cooler at Aldi for the unbeatable price of £59.99.

    It seems no new kitchen is complete these days without a wine cooler. If you want the look but don’t want the expense, or faff, you don’t have to miss out because Aldi are here to save the day… and our large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc!

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    The cool kitchen gadget is available to pre-order now, arriving in stores Sunday 22nd November.

    Aldi’s free-standing 23L wine cooler

    wine coller on kitchen countertop

    Forget ever having to add ice to warm wine again! The expert buyers at Aldi have our wine needs covered by this week’s freestanding wine fridge…

    Can’t afford to refit your kitchen and add a dedicated wine fridge? Simply pop to the supermarket this week and pick up this smart countertop version instead.

    Aldi’s Ambiano countertop/free-standing 23L wine cooler is perfect for storing wines at the optimum temperature. Complete with three chrome shelves, there’s enough room for up to eight bottles of wine at time.

    This countertop solution at Aldi will set you back just £59.99!

    When we compare the price to a similar Amazon Cookology 8-bottle wine cooler for £79.99, we reason it’s a good enough saving to bag a few extra bottles of wine with the change.

    aldi wine cooler

    Ensure your wine is always at the perfect temperature to serve at a moments notice. Whether it’s to share with unexpected guests, or simply ready and waiting after a hard day in the office – make sure your wine is ready and waiting to be poured.

    The Ambiano free-standing chiller features boasts an internal light, a low noise level of 38db and an energy class A+ rating.

    This model measures a compact countertop-friendly 51.5cm in height, 46cm in depth and 25cm wide.

    Pre-order now: Free-standing 23L Wine Cooler, £59.99, Aldi

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    Clink-clink to this week’s awesome Specialbuy!

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