Cook like a pro with Aldi sous vide stick – part of new kitchen Specialbuys range

Up your cooking game with this up-and-coming affordable pro gadget
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  • Budding chefs can cook like the professionals with the aid of the Aldi Sous Vide Stick, for just £49.99. It’s just one of the expert tools to make up a new affordable new kitchen Specialbuys range.

    Emulating a technique favoured by top chefs sous vide cooking means you create restaurant-quality meals from home.

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    The new kitchen collection is available to pre-order from Sunday 13th October. Consider this a preview, so you can set a reminder on the day – so not to miss out.

    Aldi Sous Vide – coming soon!

    Aldi Sous vide stick in a copper pan on a kitchen worktop

    Photo credit: Aldi

    This professional gadget is widely stocked with other kitchen retailers, but all are far more expensive. For instance kitchen emporium Lakeland stocks a Sous Vide Wand for £99.99 – still a reasonable price, but no comparison with Aldi’s £49.99 price tag!

    So how does a sous vide stick work?

    Using a sealed vacuum bag the sous vide stick cooks meat, fish and vegetables all at a precise temperature for an allotted amount of time – to ensure they’re cooked to perfection.

    Available exclusively online from Aldi, this version is a 1200W stick suitable for 7-15 litre cooking pots. Ideal for family meal prep.

    The cooking appliance features an LED touchscreen with 4 presets; time and temperature displays; timer of up to 99 minutes and a boil-dry protection mechanism.

    Aldi sous vide and vacuum sealed pack

    Photo credit: Aldi

    The vacuum bags are not included with the stick, they rarely are unfortunately but luckily there’s also a Vacuum Food Sealer in the new kitchen Specialbuys collection. Available at Aldi for £19.99, with refill bags for £9.99 to keep the pro cooking dream alive.

    What are the benefits of sous vide cooking?

    This method of cooking gives you a more precise result. You can tailer the cooking time. Being encased in a vacuum bag prevents whatever you’re cooking for becoming dry and over cooked.

    The bag also preserves flavour, aroma and colour – all reasons for chefs to be fans, when you consider how important food presentation is. It’s also healthier because it retains more nutrients than boiling or steaming.

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    It’s quick and easy to use and will give you restaurant-worthy meals every time.

    If you want to snap one up, best set a reminder on your phone  – Sunday 13th October, the day to add to basket.

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